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Irish Terrier Puppy + New Born

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missbattenburg Thu 03-Jan-19 16:12:28

You have my sympathies... ignoring a playful, 12 month old Irish Terrier does not sound like an easy task grin

AnnaLncstr Thu 03-Jan-19 16:10:35

That's really useful, thanks!

We have already tried to ignore him a bit more - hard to when he's quite cuddly but I agree that now's the time to start doing it properly. We also have a great dog walker so we'll definitely keep a plan with him.

Your third point is super helpful - thanks again.

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missbattenburg Thu 03-Jan-19 15:26:58

In all honesty, I think I would be:

a) starting to ignore the dog a bit more now so that he doesn't link the decrease of attention with the presence of a baby. This could include getting him used to more time alone in the kitchen, a pen or a crate.

b) be planning ways the dog can still get all it needs after the baby is born - such as hiring a walker a few days a week to keep the exercise levels up or being super clear with partner or others who is going to do the bulk of dog care and when they are going to fit that it. For example, if the plan is that your partner is going to start walking the dog more than plan exactly when that might happen (before work?). Put those in place before the birth so you know they are working.

c) Don't ask the dog and baby to spend too much time together and, when you do, don't make a big deal of introducing them. You want the dog to think the baby is the dullest, most boring thing in the world so try to act that way and give the dog something more interesting to do when the bay is nearby, such as a new toy or chew. Anything that entertains and keeps his focus on something other than the baby. There is time much, much later down the line for them to build a relationship. When your child is still a baby is not the right time - imo.

AnnaLncstr Thu 03-Jan-19 14:02:26

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with introducing a new born to an Irish Terrier puppy? (and visa versa!)

Our first child is due in March and our pup will be 14 months old. Our Irish Terrier is pretty typical I think...full of personality, a lovely companion but still very immature at 1 year old. (I think) he knows his place in the house but we're very fond of him so naturally he currently
gets quite a lot of attention and will no doubt be a bit put out when the baby arrives.

Any tips on how to introduce them both and avoid any behavioural issues including how to make sure he (the pup!) doesn't get too protective of the baby would be great.


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