Puppy peeing in the house

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DonegalGhirl Wed 02-Jan-19 12:48:14

Hi all, our working cocker spaniel is nearly 15 weeks, we’ve had him nearly 6 weeks and he’s settled in really well except he prefers to pee inside.

We stayed with SIL for 5 days over Christmas and DonegalPup was great pooing & peeing outside so did seem to understand they are to be done outside.

Since coming back home he has regressed with the pees, (thankfully still pooing outside though). We take him outside after a play, sleep, feed & every 45 mins in between (he can hold all night in his crate & successfully runs outside for 1st pee in the morning). He receives lots of praise when he poos/pees outside and the only difference between our house and SIL is we live in a maisonette/flat with internal stairs leading down to our front door then a very small concrete garden, whereas SIL has a villa with back door leading into a big grassed back garden. The nearest communal grass is about a 10 minute walk from out house.

Other than 1st thing in the morning, it doesn’t matter if we wait/walk with him outside for 5 mins or 45 mins, he’ll hold while he’s outside and then do his pee as soon as he runs up he stairs and into the house, and it’s soul destroying for us. When this happens we simply clean it up without saying anything to him.

I know he’s still young and eventually it’ll click, but just wondering if anyone has any more ideas for us, but it’s infuriating that he was more or less trained whilst at SIL’s.

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