Home dog boarding prices (home counties)

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Emptynestermum Tue 01-Jan-19 17:57:22

Hi, do any of you use home boarders for your dogs while you are away?The sort where your dogs are the only doggy guests, ie not with people who take loads of dogs at a time.

If so, how much do you pay?

Many thanks

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BiteyShark Tue 01-Jan-19 18:00:52

Mine is the only doggy guest at night but will be with other dogs on walks in the day. I pay £25 a night.

foofooyeah Wed 02-Jan-19 23:22:51

£25 a night too. He isn't always the only dog guest though, she might have 2 or 3. I would suspect you would need to pay more for exclusivity.

yetwig Thu 03-Jan-19 09:40:51

Have paid upto £30 🙂

Kneesbend Thu 03-Jan-19 12:48:50

I always used what was described as a Home from Home room. Tv with 60 channels (yes honestly!) underfloor heating, sofa for him to sit on & endless toys provided.

£60 a night, whereas a standard room was £25. I had no choice but to use this for the private garden that didn’t overlook any other dogs due to nervousness.

They posted daily on FB the antics he had got up to and they sent me the most beautiful card when we very recently had to say goodbye to our beautiful baby.

TheFaerieQueene Thu 03-Jan-19 12:49:59

£25 per night.

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