Any German Shorhaired Pointer owners??

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MrsCocoabean Tue 01-Jan-19 16:41:29

We are looking at getting a puppy, potentially a German Shorthaired pointer, in the summer, so would love to hear from any MNers who have one. I understand that they are v energetic and require lots of exercise (ours will get 1.5+ hours on weekdays, and 3+ hour fell walks at the weekends once it’s an adult), but was wondering what they’re like in terms of shedding/mess and training.

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Imonaplane Wed 02-Jan-19 08:19:05

I have 3 GSPs. They are a very intelligent, high energy breed who love human company. Easily bored, they can be destructive. They can have high prey drive (HPR breed) so training , especially recall, is essential. They do shed - small sharp hairs that get everywhere! A lot of GSPs suffer from separation anxiety so careful training to be left alone is needed. On the plus side, you will not find a more affectionate, loving dog - they are nicknamed 'velcro dogs' because they will follow you everywhere. I never go to the loo alone! Easyish to train but beware - they are very smart. I wouldn't recommend one as a first dog. I have had GSPs for over 20 years so if you want to know anything else just ask. smile

cyounexttuesday Wed 02-Jan-19 08:23:50

Yes had GSPs for over 30 years....I would echo everything the PP has said. Especially the comment about not recommending a GSP for a first time dog owner. There are a significant number that end up in rescue, often because they are much harder work than the new owner anticipated.

Banterlope Wed 02-Jan-19 08:44:04

They can be hard work but they are lovely dogs. They pull like trains (never been able to break the habit) and love to hunt/kill bunnies etc. Vey biddable (apart from the pulling) and very smart and very very attached to their owners – don't leave them on their own for too long or they can destroy your house. I work from home so they are never more than 5ft away from me – the puppy cries if I go to the toilet! Mine need two good walks at least every single day, so probably about 5–6 miles in total – that's what I cover so they probably two twice that with all the tearing about.

Wouldn't recommend if no-one is at home for long periods. Might be difficult to tire them out if you live in a city.

Banterlope Wed 02-Jan-19 18:14:36

Not wanting to manipulate your decision, but…

BadgerSandwich Wed 02-Jan-19 18:19:00

Had 2 previously - lovely, but I wouldn't have another. Both had terrible separation anxiety (developed as young adults, approx 18m to 2y - so I don't think it was our poor puppy-parenting!), and had health issues- allergies, sensitive tummies, ear problems etc. The ear issues meant frequent baths, and having to give medication - this is also something I've heard from other owner's.

But on the plus side, they were both lovely, affectionate and sociable dogs.

2dogsandPG Wed 02-Jan-19 18:30:51

Not just exercise, lots of mental stimulation needed too. Games like 'seek' and learning tricks are great. We've attempted agility a few times with ours too.

They are keen to please, and incredibly loving, but with this comes separation anxiety, especially for ours.


Banterlope Wed 02-Jan-19 18:40:57

Yes separation anxiety is a thing with this breed as they form a strong bond with you. Having said that every dog I've ever owned (other than a JRT --who was a right stroppy bastard--) got weirded out by being left alone for longer than an hour or so. Is there a breed that doesn't get this?

DizzIzz Wed 02-Jan-19 19:54:05

Banterlope - your photos are gorgeous, lucky you! I have 2 cockers and my boy cries for me when I go to the toilet, he’s 2 and a half now so I don’t think he’s going to change.
I have owned cockers for a good while now but have a soft spot for GSPs, they are so majestic.

missbattenburg Wed 02-Jan-19 20:01:48

@Banterlope those photos should be banned. I just clicked on them and they made my arms ache for pointer-puppy cuddles!

Banterlope Wed 02-Jan-19 20:18:19

My big girl (right in the first pic) had eight puppies and we kept one (on the left in the first pic). He's now 10 months old and 5KG heavier than his mum. I delivered all the puppies on my own and it was magical. Love a pointer pup, although eight was hard work when they were three months old

Banterlope Wed 02-Jan-19 20:37:41

Last one!

DizzIzz Wed 02-Jan-19 21:44:10

Little stunner, looks like butter wouldn’t melt

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 02-Jan-19 21:46:56

They are hard work, very intelligent, highly strung.

ChardonnaysPrettySister Wed 02-Jan-19 21:49:02

Ah, you asked about shedding. They don't shed a lot, but shedding is the least of your considerations with a GSP.

PinkOboe Wed 02-Jan-19 22:01:03

Please please please consider a rescue. Ours is a from a breed specific rescue and yes an absolute darling. He was only 4 months old when we got him so pups are

khaleesi71 Wed 02-Jan-19 22:04:33

This is our adorable toad. He is a cross but has all the traits mentioned previously (except sep anxiety) but he's only 6 months. We both start work soon and were nervous about it. He was crate trained and now loves a little run we made for him that prevents him from destroying the house. He seems to like the security of it. He goes bonkers when in the house with us and is much calmer when outdoors - but very inquisitive. He is very clever and reasonable to train - highly strung and was a rescue. His mother abandoned/lost the litter (they were born/found in a cave so know one really knows). This meant he didn't have much of the early bite/play training so we're trying to deal with that. He pulls like crazy but that is diminishing. You need time, patience, long walks and access to a good trainer. We also want to try agility training as we think he'll respond. It's really hard work - but he's cute. He was our first dog but DH was able to spend a lot of time with him. Not sure we'd do it again but he is settling in with us and we love him to bits. Good luck!!!

MrsCocoabean Thu 03-Jan-19 08:37:50

Thank you all for your reply’s - Banterlope those puppies are just stunning shock.

In terms of exercise, we live in the Lake District, with a beach 5 mins drive away, a woodland across from my house, a local country park with a river perfect for doggies and a nearby fenced sports field (that dogs are allowed on off-leash, but is v quite). I was planning on doing decoy retrieving as it’s ‘job’ to keep it mentally stimulated.

I am planning on starting off with a puppy - I’ve got a 10 week period off in the summer to settle it in, and also it’s important to me that it’s socialised not only to my other pets, but livestock too.

I have read about separation anxiety being quite common in GSP’s - is there anything I could do to reduce the chance of SA developing?

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