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Diagnose my terrier!

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Banjax Tue 01-Jan-19 23:33:50

Thanks everybody. We have long downstairs and gated off part of the house, this seems to have really helped. Much happier being confined....must be anxiety x

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Booboostwo Tue 01-Jan-19 08:31:20

AS above. Stop telling her off, clean with enzyme, restrict access, treat her like a puppy. Also try Adaptil and Zylkene to help with the transition to a new household.

BiteyShark Tue 01-Jan-19 06:49:47

Don't tell her off for toileting inside as it will do absolutely nothing and could make her even more anxious.

Use a baby gate to stop them going upstairs unless you are supervising. Clean up all the places she has peed on using special enzyme cleaner so the smell does not attract her to keep toileting in the same place. Go back to basics (look up puppy toilet training) and take her outside frequently (and I do mean frequently) and praise her when she goes outside. If this is due to stress of moving then you can get the toileting back on track but it will involve work from you.

Go back to the vets and get them to do a thorough exam to see if it is a sign of dementia or other medical issue etc. 9 is young in some dogs but old in others.

Whoseranium Tue 01-Jan-19 02:03:04

It does sound like she's very anxious and telling her off if she had a wee inside is only going to be making things worse. Treat her like a puppy; don't give her unfettered access to the whole house, regular trips outside, lots of praise when she gets it right, no fuss at all and a proper clean up (Simple Solution enzyme cleaners are brilliant) if she does go inside.

A lot of things that can be signs of canine dementia can also be symptoms of other issues as well (both physical and behavioural), it is really important to establish exactly what is going on. She could have something medical going on or she could just be a very anxious old girl who has gone through a big upheaval and isn't quite sure which way is up anymore.

When you took her to the vet did he give her a really thorough check over, including eyes/joints/etc.? If not I'd get her back in asap for a full MOT (some vets will actually do free nurse clinics for senior dogs, worth checking if yours does) to see if there's any evidence of her having a physical issue.

Banjax Tue 01-Jan-19 01:28:59

That's interesting and depressing about the "real dog" comment

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Banjax Tue 01-Jan-19 01:26:56

Tell her off, make her go and look at it. Were balanced between being cross and calm.

Her eyesight seems ok.

Owners gave them to us when son went to university and they both work full-time....although they also reassured us that she is ok with fireworks which she is clearly NOT.

She gets 2 hour walk every day and plenty fuss, it can't be us making her like this, plus she walks past her house every day and doesn't even peek at it, so I don't think she is missing the owners. She seems tonnage gone downhill so fast

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Bunnybigears Tue 01-Jan-19 01:22:17

My Bichon got dog dementia at 8 so possible. According to a dog trainer I know most rehomed dogs seem to be coping fine in the first 6 to 8 weeks and its only after that you get to see the real dog.

LEMtheoriginal Tue 01-Jan-19 01:20:45

How do you react when she piddles upstairs?

Also what are you cleaning it with? You need biological washing powder and then dab with meths do get rid of the smell. Remember dogs sense of smell is a million times ours. That may stop her returning to piddle.

Not neurological can possibly due to anxiety.

Scared of the dark? How is her eyesight? One of my terriers has cataracts and he gets unsettled in the dark. He is an anxious bean anyway.

You haven't had her long. Why were your neighbours unable to keep them?

Banjax Tue 01-Jan-19 01:13:54

We took in our neighbours terriers a couple of months ago when they became unable to look after them. Initially everything's perfect. I am SAHM so dogs get plenty interaction and we love them.

The older one, in the past 3 weeks has really changed. She's scared to go out at night, wees upstairs, shakes most if the time and has become quite forlorn. Two nights ago she hid under a bush in the dark and we spent hours searching for her.

I took her to vets. He thought urinary tract infection and gave us antiInflammatory meds. She has no urgency but goes upstairs to pee, we think it's something neurological partly because of the shaking. Partly because we can tell she's scared of the dark. She suddenly seems v old and anxious.

Any ideas? We're thinking dog dementia but surely 9 is far too young?

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