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Had news that I reached the top of the Vizsla waiting list. Anyone had one?

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bollocksthemess Mon 31-Dec-18 14:33:29

I visited the breeder last September, and wasn’t expecting a puppy til this October, but she’s had a bitch come back to her unexpectedly and she was planning on keeping a bitch from this litter with the same breeding, so I’m having the one she was going to have.

She’s a Hungarian Vizsla, smooth haired, parents have had every test going. Dad and mum both work, so we’re planning on gundog training. She should also be nice enough to show.

She’s coming home on the 16th of February. I don’t have a name yet, and it seems a bit of a rush because in my head she wasn’t coming til October, but I’m so excited! Has anyone had one? I’ve read and read and read and met loads of them, but has anyone got any tips that I haven’t thought of?

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