Leaving puppy alone

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Sarahmoore0510 Fri 28-Dec-18 14:39:29

Hi, our puppy is 12 weeks old, my husband works from home and I only work 12 hours a week so we are fortunate that we haven’t had to leave him alone. However I would like to get him used to being alone for short period so so we can go to the cinema/swimming with kids etc and other un-dog friendly activities!

We tried today leaving him for ten mins and he barked he whole time 😭

He’s crate trained at night and goes in by himself to sleep in the day. What’s the best way to get him used to being left without causing separation anxiety?

Also should I leave him in the crate whilst we are gone or let him have the run of the kitchen?

Don’t know where to start tbh! 😬

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BiteyShark Fri 28-Dec-18 14:50:09

Some puppies will be better in their crate whilst others are ok out of it. You might need to try both.

I got a cheap camera which streamed to my phone so I can see how he is when I am out. Personally this was one of the best things I got as I can always check up on my dog to see what is happening.

Maybe start with just leaving him for 1 minute and then head back into the house as if nothing happened and keep doing that and building up the time slowly. Do it at times when he is tired and has toileted. When he is fine for a few minutes then maybe try again for 10mins and leave him with a special toy (one that he can't shred and swallow) or a stuffed kong so he associates leaving with nice things.

For my dog who is now 2 I still leave him with some yummy treats and I put the radio on to a music channel as outside noises upset him.

Sarahmoore0510 Fri 28-Dec-18 15:14:32

Thanks @biteyShark maybe I started to much at ten mins, will try one minute at a time instead. I was thinking about getting a camera, definitely will give me peace of mind as they bark when you leave and come home but they may be fine whilst you are gone? I’m going to order one from amazon prime today x

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CatnissEverdene Fri 28-Dec-18 15:16:42

Just keep leaving - go out through the back door, wait a minute then go back in. Little and often gets them used to it really quickly.

Unmumsyme Fri 28-Dec-18 22:54:46

Just to add...I promise I couldn’t even leave the room when mine was this young! She’s now 19mths and settles herself on her bed and falls fast asleep from the moment we leave (I watch her on a camera). We went super slow for the first few months - literally just through the stairgate & back! Kongs are amazing tools to help puppy to chew appropriately & relax. Good luck!

cowfacemonkey Fri 28-Dec-18 23:01:55

I agree that the first step is getting them used to you just leaving the room or popping up stairs. Mine was a right cling on at that age! I used to keep half a dozen stuffed and frozen kongs in the freezer to give him before going out.
The best way to avoid separation anxiety is to build up the time really slowly.

Sarahmoore0510 Sat 29-Dec-18 06:07:49

Thanks for your replies! He’s not massively interested in kongs - we have the bone shaped puppy one? I’ve ordered a regular shaped on which hopefully he will like x

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Lucisky Sat 29-Dec-18 08:18:57

We first used to leave ours alone in the early evening, in the sitting room, when she was tired and had just been fed. We were only in the kitchen preparing a meal, but she didn't seem bothered as she could hear us, and more often that not just went to sleep. If she did winge I would just stick my head around the door and tell her to shush. We just expanded from that, and she is fine with being left now.

Rurarura Sun 30-Dec-18 07:31:41

@Sarahmoore0510 about your puppy not being interested in Kongs, people sing their high praises all the time, but forget to mention that not all dogs will immediately grasp what to do with them. Rurapup has had to be taught how to use one! wink Took a couple of weeks. I recommend this guide:


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