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CannyLad Fri 28-Dec-18 06:37:46

Looking for suggestions for holidaying with fury friend and toddler next spring/summer. Last year we went camping to Ireland which turned out not to be the best choice as dogs have only recently been allowed in pubs that serve food and not everywhere has embraced the change. The baby/dog combination made it hard to do much when the weather was bad. We don't mind driving (from the NE of England) but obviously not massive stretches given the little fella. Any good experiences you've had with places near or far?

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Disfordarkchocolate Fri 28-Dec-18 06:42:45

The Lake District is very dog and child friendly. We've been to Keswick, Coniston, Grasmere and around Windermere and there is loads of dog friendly accommodation and things to do. Just make sure the parking with your accommodation is what you need. We'll be back this year.

Rhubardandcustard Fri 28-Dec-18 07:03:10

Cornwall very dog friendly. Allowed in most cafes and shops, a lot of the beaches they are allowed on all year (but check for some restrictions).

thegirlsallgrowedupnow Fri 28-Dec-18 08:23:59

Suffolk coast also has some dog friendly beaches all year and those with restrictions on them in summer generally have an area where dogs can go. Loads of walks, footpaths everywhere and flat, so easy walking.

caesio Fri 28-Dec-18 08:28:07

Anglesey, Wales
are two places I've had good dog-friendly holidays

Hoppinggreen Fri 28-Dec-18 09:00:28

Sea houses and Holy island in Northumbria are very dog friendly but if you live in the North East maybe a bit close to home?

NotEnoughTime Fri 28-Dec-18 09:48:53

Dorset is dog friendly (and a lovely part of the world).


MustStopSnacking28 Fri 28-Dec-18 09:51:40

We went to a holiday cottage on the Llyn Peninsula in Wales, most beaches have a dog friendly section all year and pretty much all pubs allow dogs. Also had an eight week old baby and it was a great place for both dog and baby and not too busy even in June.

Villanellesproudmum Fri 28-Dec-18 09:53:24

Following, we also went to Anglesey last year and dog friendly including Caernarfon.

Westiegirl3 Fri 28-Dec-18 10:04:57

I second the Lake District, we're currently staying in ambleside with 2 Westie's and they have been welcomed everywhere..

DogInATent Fri 28-Dec-18 10:19:35

We've pitched tent around the Llyn peninsula/Anglesey, and north Kent with no problems. From experience we know the Norfolk coast is dog friendly.

Veterinari Fri 28-Dec-18 10:26:30

Scotland is generally very dog friendly
The dugs n pubs guide is useful

DevonshireDarling Fri 28-Dec-18 10:30:52

We live in East Devon, Devon is dog friendly but we tend to holiday in Cornwall and Dorset. Both are dog friendly but Cornwall more so. We didn't struggle with places to eat with the dog, all the camp sites were dog friendly and the shops we went in were happy to allow dogs, most had signs on doors. There was even a pizza shop in newquay based around how dog friendly they were and had a doggy menu. Cornwall is beautiful too, lovely beaches and coast path walks (Devon is just as beautiful wink) also the Cornish seal sanctuary was worth a visit, it's dog friendly and everyone we knew recommended we go there. We loved it.

Lucisky Fri 28-Dec-18 11:39:11

Probably a bit far for you but we used to rent cottages in Pembrokeshire with our two dogs. The beaches are amazing. We have also done the same in Suffolk and Norfolk and found everywhere welcoming. North Wales was okay dog wise, but decent pubs were few and far between.

Halfahunnerstillastunner Fri 28-Dec-18 12:32:24

Highlands and west Scotland are very dog
Friendly as loads of walkers etc bring their dogs. We've had great family holidays with dog welcomed everywhere in places like Aviemore - loads of activities to do round there (walking, cycling, water sports on Loch Morlich, visit the Highland Wildlife Park with Hamish the polar bear cub, feed the reindeer at the reindeer place near Loch Morlich, go to Landmark adventure park, funicular railway up the Cairngorms, steam train to Boat of Garten where you can see the ospreys, 4 x 4 off roading/nature watches with guides etc).

CannyLad Fri 28-Dec-18 12:40:24

Lots of good suggestions so far, thanks! Any experience of northern Europe? Thinking Netherlands, Belgium and or France as we can get ferry from Newcastle. Maybe even Nordic countries but that might be a bit too much of a trip.

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DogInATent Fri 28-Dec-18 13:54:34

Haven't done Europe yet, but if that's a possibility you need to double-check your readiness as soon as possible:
- dog passport
- titre test to confirm the rabies vaccine

The titre test has not been a requirement for Europe to date, but will be needed in a No Deal scenario. And it has quite a long critical time line if you're starting from scratch.

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