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You know your dog is tired when...

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RandomMess Tue 25-Dec-18 18:30:53

She napped next to Wesleydale crumbs on the sofa for 4 hours 😱😱😱😱

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madvixen Tue 25-Dec-18 18:40:52

Mine forgot to ask for their dinner 😮

RandomMess Tue 25-Dec-18 18:41:18

Yeah that happened too grin

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madvixen Tue 25-Dec-18 18:58:47

I'm making the most of the peace and quiet 😀

RandomMess Tue 25-Dec-18 19:06:46


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missbattenburg Tue 25-Dec-18 19:16:23

... he runs around like a lunatic, all manners forgotten. Always a sign he's gotten over tired.

thegirlsallgrowedupnow Tue 25-Dec-18 19:24:29

I’m not sure who is more tired, me or the dog. I am almost all cooked and familied out....Cocodogs basket is looking very inviting💖🐶

QOD Tue 25-Dec-18 19:28:59

Mines out cold under her Celtic wool sheepskin pet blanket (thanks to the bargain Xmas threads it was £15 👍🏻) ignoring dds boyfriend who she usually wants to lick alllll over cos she had her bff over for the day whilst mum was busy 😂
She gets To spend Boxing Day with her too

RandomMess Tue 25-Dec-18 19:31:30

That blanket sounds amazing!!

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Santaisonthesherry Tue 25-Dec-18 19:34:11

Madvixen your rotties look stunning!!

RandomMess Tue 25-Dec-18 19:36:13

Took me ages to work out there were 2 dogs and they were unusual colouring for labs 😂

I love rotties, will blame the wine

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madvixen Tue 25-Dec-18 19:44:39

Awww thank you Santa, they're pretty good boys (mostly).

Random, that's made me chuckle. It's very rare that they cuddle like this (another sign that they're exhausted) and they look like some weird, two headed dragon from my view point. I also blame the wine 😂

QOD Tue 25-Dec-18 20:31:57

In fairness she’s supposed to lay ON a the blanket but she likes to be all hot and sweaty and cheesey

RandomMess Tue 25-Dec-18 20:33:46

QOD sounds like our girl loves to be under a duvet sweltered...

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Squirrel26 Tue 25-Dec-18 20:56:49

Mine has taken himself upstairs to (my) bed. grin

Santaisonthesherry Tue 25-Dec-18 21:36:54

I have many dc, + a dgc and ddog still managed A NAP in the wrapping paper!!

RandomMess Tue 25-Dec-18 21:38:18

These busy days or just so exhausting you know wink

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wheelwarrior Thu 27-Dec-18 08:19:25

When I can open the fridge without finding dog head next to me .He was so full/tired Christmas he ignored smell of hot turkey .Is a lab so good never normally ignored

wheelwarrior Thu 27-Dec-18 08:20:20

Food not good

Sexnotgender Thu 27-Dec-18 08:21:57

This is Sam’s tired face.

ApolloandDaphne Thu 27-Dec-18 08:28:15

My DDog wasn't so much tired but in a sulk on Christmas Eve. All our guests had arrived and we got stuck into the prosecco and forgot to feed her. She decided to punish us by hiding. We found her eventually curled up in the tiny en suite shower cubicle! She has never gone in there ever.

RandomMess Thu 27-Dec-18 08:41:22

DDOG was so tired last night she didn't ask for her supper, we only realised at bed time blush

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BiscuitDrama Thu 27-Dec-18 08:43:58

Ours has just got up, had a wee and breakfast and gone back to bed!

Sexnotgender Thu 27-Dec-18 10:24:18

Haha biscuitdrama that is how greyhounds work!

GertrudeCB Thu 27-Dec-18 10:28:02

Yesterday I out the car harness on mine ( to take him to the beach, his favourite place in the world) , turned around to get his lead and found him up the stairs and back in his bed. Got the sink eye when I dragged him out 😀

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