My dog ate chocolate

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Skala123 Mon 24-Dec-18 09:50:22

Yesterday whilst I was out my dog ate approximately 40 small shop bought brownies. The person supposed to check on him forgot so I don't know what time he ate them but it was somewhere between 13-18 hours ago. He is a 60lb lab mix.
I phoned the vet and explained. They said as they were cheap shop bought brownies and he hadn't been sick and wasn't showing signs of illness that I didn't need to bring him in. He said he's likely to have a sugar high and diarrhoea.
It's now early hours of the morning and he's just woken me up to go outside so I am up with him, he went for a poo (I didn't go out to see what it looked like) and was happy enough, tail wagging etc.
I've decided to stay downstairs with him and he's lying on me and it feels like he's tremorring every now and then.
Everything I've read said symptoms would have shown before this if he was poisoned and the vet really didn't seem concerned.
Has anyone any experience with this? I'm so worried for my dog

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alansleftfoot Mon 24-Dec-18 10:00:29

Mine ate a full bar of green and blacks and an advent calendar. He had a dodgy tum for a couple of days and the worst farts ever, but was fine.

BiteyShark Mon 24-Dec-18 11:42:25

The toxicity is based on the weight of the dog, the amount of chocolate and the type of chocolate. This is why some people go well my dog ate chocolate and was fine whereas others aren't.

You can find calculators online but it sounds like your vet checked that for you.

Celebelly Mon 24-Dec-18 11:47:05

Just keep an eye on him but he's a reasonably big dog and cheap chocolate has pretty low actual chocolate content. My cocker spaniel are a whole chocolate orange once and I sat up the whole night watching her. Not even a runny poop hmm

Just make sure you have emergency number to hand just in case.

CosyToast Mon 24-Dec-18 11:58:31

If you're worried, you could call the vet again, the symptoms are pretty variable so it's worth checking.

Generally, with chocolate, you can call your vet and tell them how much they are and what brand, they have a chocolate toxicity calculator and can tell you how bad it is.

It sounds like there's not much real chocolate in there, so it should be fine! I assume there were no artificial sweeteners in the brownies? That could also be an issue, so worth checking the packaging.

Fingers crossed for you!

Skala123 Mon 24-Dec-18 12:12:42

Thanks for your replies. The tremors stopped and he hasn't poo'd anymore so fingers crossed he will be ok. We aren't going out until this evening so can keep a close eye on him all day. The vet was given a list of ingredients and his weight etc so hopefully as they weren't too concerned he will be ok. Some of what I've read says cocoa powder is the worst thing they can eat so that's what got me worried

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CosyToast Mon 24-Dec-18 12:25:31

If the vet wasn't worried, you shouldn't be either 😊 easier said than done, I know! Merry Christmas


Skala123 Mon 24-Dec-18 13:27:23

Thanks cosy! I know you're right. This is our first family dog and it's such a worry! I'm hoping the fact that he's a mutt and not a pedigree might help!!
Just spoke to the vet again and they said if he was severely poisoned then he would be having seizures by now and be severely ill. So that's a relief. Chicken and rice to help settle his tum and he should make a full recovery!
Merry Christmas dog lovers out there fsmile

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starcrossedseahorse Tue 25-Dec-18 16:50:35

How is your boy OP?

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