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MattMagnolia Fri 21-Dec-18 20:03:47

You don’t have to feed commercial processed food. I know a dog who can only be kept well on a diet of boiled chicken and potatoes. Or try fresh meat and rice.

Pigletpoglet Fri 21-Dec-18 08:51:24

Another vote for Akela - excellent quality food, and we haven't had any issues with delivery. We use the salmon with all our dogs, and they gobble it up very enthusiastically!

florentina1 Fri 21-Dec-18 08:48:05

Yodel was the downfall,for us too, waiting in for 3 days for the delivery.
I buy my Lily’s from Pers at home. The often have offers of buy one get one free, so I stock up when the offer is on and there is fre delivery above £35 Although the Lily’s seem expensive it is very solid so she needs less of it, I have also watered it down when she has been unwell and it still makes a good meal

Opentooffers Thu 20-Dec-18 23:02:39

I went on, looked at what got 5 stars, then picked reasonable priced ones within that, then out of that worked out over time what my dog liked the taste of and how his poos were. Ended up with Akela, there was a period where they had stock issues earlier in the year so I tried Europa grain free - was ok but was a struggle to get to the end of the bag as he just didn't like it as much. So back on Akela, ordered online yesterday and came today - impressed as xmas, less than 24 hours from ordering.

WineGumption Thu 20-Dec-18 22:52:44

Thanks so much all, I'm definitely going to change but will go through your suggestions carefully. Plus I just read that they use Yodel to deliver and they've always been utterly useless in my area!

I'll try some small amounts of better brands and see how we get on. I'll try some wet food too I think as that might be easier on his tummy.

Thanks again!

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rabbitfoodadvocate Thu 20-Dec-18 21:21:39

Our pooch loves it. We get her grain-free everything, watch her treats and she's in premium nick. Never had a late delivery either.

florentina1 Thu 20-Dec-18 21:19:01

I tried Tails but delivery was very unreliable. I use Essentials dry food which is a European Company. She loves it And has their dry food for breakfast and for treats and Lily’s Kitchen canned food in the evening, I don’t deviate as anything else causes a poo explosion.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Thu 20-Dec-18 19:25:02

It's a bit gimmicky. They have several pre made kibbles that they mix together in varying ratios, which isn't that amazing really. They don't come out very well for nutrition on either.

From what I can gather it's normal for later poos to become a bit sloppier (especially if in rapid succession) as the later ones have spent less time in the large bowel where water is absorbed. However, yours sounds a bit worse than normal and Royal Canin isn't great quality so I'd look at switching.

BiteyShark Thu 20-Dec-18 19:20:36

I haven't tried it but I use to compare brands, quality and price.

Different foods suit different dogs so you might need to buy small amounts and try them out. Also have you tried wet food as kibble can be quite harsh to digest?

WineGumption Thu 20-Dec-18 19:12:23

Hi there - has anyone tried this site?

We have a 9 month old cockapoo who is on Royal Canin - he was a neglected rescue so we got him at 4 months. Royal Canin is what the centre had fed him when we got him so we continued with that.

The problem is he has a properly solid poo first thing in the morning and then they get progressively sloppier and more horrid as the day goes on. His last poo of the day is just a mess. He's very active and gets plenty of exercise, we're also weighing out his food and the vet said he was in great shape when we had him neutered this month.

Just wondering if there might be a better option to settle his tummy but am slightly paralysed by all the kinds of food/brands/information/debate etc. on the subject of dog feeding! confused

This site claims you can enter all your dog's details (breed/age/weight/build/activity level) and it will design a purpose made food for your dog which is then delivered every month. It isn't too pricey but wondered if it's just a gimmick? Has anyone heard of it/tried it? You do get a 2 week free trial but don't want to mess his tummy about trying lots of different things, although on the other hand I suppose that's the only way we're going to find the one that works!

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks so much!

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