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New puppy old dog

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Eloisedublin123 Wed 19-Dec-18 20:05:24

Hi there. New puppy is home and old dog is put out and growling at her. We kept them apart a good bit, made a fuss of old dog, left old dog in peace up on her sofa with pup away, and other things. Any further advice appreciated. Pup is 12 weeks and old girl is 12. TIA! X

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fivedogstofeed Thu 20-Dec-18 10:56:00

Playpen or crate for the puppy. You may have to keep apart for quite a while, or until pup learns not to annoy your old.
In the meantime old doggy will continue to tell off the pup if he pushes his luck, which is all totally norma,l but depending on how forceful your old doggy is you may need to back her up on this.

TopBitchoftheWitches Thu 20-Dec-18 10:57:34

Older dog will tell the puppy off, quite normal behaviour.
If you feel the older dog is overwhelmed, shut them in different rooms for a bit.

Puppies are little terrors for older dogs.

And, photo????

Nesssie Thu 20-Dec-18 10:59:21

You don't want it to get to the stage where your dog has to tell the puppy off. People think its natural, a bit of growling is, but you shouldn't make your dog do what you should be doing. Keep them separate unless you are supervising, and when the puppy tries to play with the older dog, distract her and play with her yourself.

adaline Thu 20-Dec-18 13:01:50

That's quite an age gap - what made you get a new puppy at this stage in your dog's life?

CollyWombles Thu 20-Dec-18 14:11:49

I got a 10 week old pup and already had a 12year old JRT. Took a month of total separation but now my old boy loves her.

Take it very slowly, totally separate, and gradually introduce the smell of each dog to each other. I used a stair gate after two weeks which allowed them to see each other but not hurt each other.

Eloisedublin123 Thu 20-Dec-18 17:08:52

This is the pup! She’s a cross between a jack Russell and a terrier (they think!)
Thanks for the advice I’m just out to take our old girl for a nice longish walk!

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