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Beaubailey Tue 18-Dec-18 17:29:12


Just got home from work to find that my 12 month old Frenchie, Beau, has made his way onto our dining room table, into a cardboard box full of wrapped presents and managed to unwrap and eat a full terrys chocolate orange confused

He seems fine - but obviously have seen all the horrific dog & chocolate things online so abit concerned. Hubby thinks I'm overreacting if I ring the vets but I feel worried!

Has anyone else had anything like this? I can't believe he got onto our table and into that box!!!

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DonDrapersOldFashioned Tue 18-Dec-18 17:29:59

I’d phone the vet for advice

werideatdawn Tue 18-Dec-18 17:35:55

I'd phone the vet quickly. Might be absolutely fine but that's quite a bit of chocolate and a relatively small dog so better to be safe than sorry.

CandyMelts Tue 18-Dec-18 17:39:21

Ours had one few weeks ago, was frantic but spoke to his rescue who said too late to make him vomit and as wasn't dark choc just keep an eye - do you know when he ate it?

Theres calculators on line to work out the harmful compounds based on dogs weight, mines over 20kg but guess a franchie is quite a bit less?

Thanks to shrinkflation they're smaller than they used to be!

Our dog didn't even have a loose poo, literally no effect on, fingers crossed yours is the same

AnotherOriginalUsername Tue 18-Dec-18 17:39:40

What does he weigh?

AnotherOriginalUsername Tue 18-Dec-18 17:41:29

Scrap that. Assuming it's a standard Terry's choc orange and he's an average size Frenchie, he's had enough to have a toxic dose. Call vet immediately, they'll get you to go straight in and give him an injection to make him sick. Don't wait as it needs to be given before his stomach empties or it'll be hospitalisation and 48 hours on fluids.

Beaubailey Tue 18-Dec-18 17:56:00

Thanks everyone - rang and spoke to them, they've just said to ring if he starts being violently sick! he hasn't been sick yet and is absolutely fine in himself so fingers crossed he's ok x

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anniehm Tue 18-Dec-18 18:10:54

I suspect there's far too little cocoa content to worry about - I called my vet when my dog ate half a box of Thornton's as a pup, they laughed and said there's so little chocolate these days!

AnotherOriginalUsername Tue 18-Dec-18 19:25:36

9g per kilo for milk chocolate is the usual calculation for the treatment threshold. A Terry's choc orange is 157g anything under 17kg bodyweight should be treated really. Keep an eye for signs of chocolate toxicity, early signs will be excitability/restlessness/tremors

Things like Thornton's (although they do have dark choc which is 3g/kg) and roses and stuff is that a lot of them are actually just chocate coated soft centres rather than actual chocolate

GobblersKnob Tue 18-Dec-18 19:36:24

The problem with theobromine poisoning in dogs is once symptoms start it can be too late to treat, and it can take a long time to see those symptoms.

What does he weigh? At 10kg the toxicity calculator suggests is a serious emergency and to seek help immediately. At 15kg then it's a possible emergency, but they still suggest immediate help.

Personally I wouldn't risk it, my friend lost her Jack Russell a few Christmases ago after eating a kids selection box, it was awful.

starcrossedseahorse Tue 18-Dec-18 20:16:11

I am uber cautious about this kind of stuff and would vets to make him sick asap. However, if your vets are ok I guess they have worked out the weight to chocolate ratio and are not too worried.

Hope that he is ok OP.

adaline Tue 18-Dec-18 20:58:51

Making them sick only works if it's within a certain time frame though. Otherwise it's too far through the digestive system.

Sounds like he's fine though! He'd be showing symptoms (or being sick) by now I would imagine.

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