Dog is sick advice please

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Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 17-Dec-18 16:58:21

Ddog the idiot cocker spaniel is refusing food. First time in the 4 years I've had him. Walked this am and just now. Had his breakfast/kong and a bit of fish at lunch time. Puked everything undigested. He ran around with the kids on second walk and cheered right up but bs k home back to moping and following me around.

What I can see online is to not feed etc for 12 hours.

Guess I g if he is no different in the morning f we are off to the vet!!

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villainousbroodmare Mon 17-Dec-18 17:37:44

Yep. When he goes out to the loo, go with him and see what's happening in that department. grin

Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 17-Dec-18 17:55:15

@villainousbroodmare he's had 2 poos since it started. Slightly very slightly more gross than normal but I wouldn't call it diarrhoea

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