Help! Can I desensitise ddog from runners or is she a lost cause?

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housebuyingnewbie Mon 17-Dec-18 14:23:11

Ddog is 2 year old miniature schnauzer with a generally good level of obedience. She has two walks a day, around 30 minutes each, one of which is done off lead in a big field. We mainly meet other dogs being walked off lead but every so often we come across a dog on lead, a rambler or a runner and I will recall ddog, put her on her lead and she will walk nicely past. However every so often (three times in the past six months) we are caught unaware by a runner. Ddog totally loses her mind when this happens; runs at the runner; barks her head off and basically can't hear me calling her. She is in general a total wuss, so I think the chance of her causing them harm is miniscule, but ever since one runner tore strips off me for ddog's behaviour I've been on edge.

I would really welcome any suggestions. There is one runner she sees on a regular basis while she is being walked on lead and she used to behave like this with him, but now she will sit silently and wait while he runs by. so it seems to be a combination of a stranger plus the speed at which it all happens.

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