Travelling to Spain

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Punta Sun 16-Dec-18 14:27:06

I am driving down to Spain next weekend - I have a house there - via channel tunnel. I will be there for just over two weeks.

My dog came with me during the summer so he has a passport and his last rabies injection was in July. He was also worked then and when we return in September, was check over again by the vet in Spain. I think he was given something then too but not sure!

Do I need to take him this week for anything else before we travel?

Also, I will be taking him back again at Easter. Is it worth taking him to the vet this week in case we get a no deal for brexit?

I have checked on the DEFRA website and I have most of the paperwork in order for the trip this weekend, but I’m not sure how long the rabies / tapeworm treatment lasts.

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Punta Sun 16-Dec-18 14:27:58

‘Wormed’ then, not worked!

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