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Girlintheframe Sun 16-Dec-18 12:22:14

Ours doesn’t seem to be much of a morning dog either but for easiness breakfast/dinner is the most practical. Might just give a small lunch today and a bigger dinner and see how we get on

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BiteyShark Sun 16-Dec-18 08:13:58

I moved down to two meals at 6 months old but ironically have moved back to three meals now as I think it's better for him.

My dog isn't a breakfast dog but with three meals I know he will still eat at daycare which I think is important as they run about all day.

However, of his daily allowance I feed 20% in the morning and 40% at lunch and dinner.

Girlintheframe Sun 16-Dec-18 06:53:13

Pup is 5 and 1/2 months old. He has been on James Wellbeloved since weaning. He has always been good at eating but this last week has about 4 times only eaten 3/4 of his breakfast. He wolfs down lunch and tea though and is ‘looking’ for food throughout the day.

Do you think it’s time to move to 2 meals a day? Did you just stop the middle meal or gradually increase lunch/dinner while reducing lunch?

He goes to doggy daycare and appears to be extra hungry on those days.

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