Christmas din din for our fluffballs

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Unicornandbows Sat 15-Dec-18 12:10:06


Is anyone doing Christmas special for their dog? If you are what is on the menu

Ours so far
Dog gravy
Vegetables (carrot, broccoli and cauliflower)
Fresh mash potato
And a Yorkshire pudding

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pigsDOfly Sat 15-Dec-18 12:15:41

I'm afraid my dog will be having the same as she always does: dog food.

I probably won't be cooking anything special for me either.

adaline Sat 15-Dec-18 12:32:10

He'll have a bit of our chicken and vegetables, and probably a couple of extra tasty chews or kongs.

yumsy Sat 15-Dec-18 12:44:59

Dog food!!

ScreamingValenta Sat 15-Dec-18 12:45:56

He'll get a little bit of goose in his bowl.

BiteyShark Sat 15-Dec-18 13:01:48

Ours will be having a bit of turkey with us.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 15-Dec-18 14:22:13

My family can be relied upon to sneak an unreasonable quantity of food under the table during dinner, so I think he's having what we're having!


DogInATent Sat 15-Dec-18 15:12:24

Her normal dinner, but with a bit of the christmas duck on top. Maybe a few bits of the duck giblets on boxing day.

I'd really not have to deal with the potential consequences of a sudden one-off change in her diet over the festive period.

MarcoPoloCX Sat 15-Dec-18 18:10:46

Chicken, beef, tuna and liver casserole with veg.

mimibunz Sat 15-Dec-18 18:13:25

He gets his favourite roast chicken with a bit of vanilla ice cream for his pud.

BollocksToBrexit Sat 15-Dec-18 18:13:51

Mine all get a plate of Christmas dinner, including the cats. The dogs are the only ones who eat the sprouts.

Unicornandbows Sat 15-Dec-18 18:53:45

Yes my family are always sneaking hinlm food so this time he will have his own so doesn't be a ganit under the table.

He tends to be okay with dietary changes as long as its all boiled blandish

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fleshmarketclose Sat 15-Dec-18 19:13:38

Eric and Bella will get turkey, a pig in blanket and raw carrot and sprouts because they don't like veg cooked.

Eifla Sat 15-Dec-18 21:48:06

Mine has a tin of the Lily’s Kitchen Christmas dinner.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 16-Dec-18 09:16:50

Dog food as human food has an unfortunate habit of representing itself later in the day.

CarrieErbag Sun 16-Dec-18 09:22:05

My dog will be having his usual food, any changes will manifest themselves in a most unpleasant way at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night.

IShitChristmasGlitter Sun 16-Dec-18 09:25:33

I might get mine a raw turkey leg.

madmumofteens Sun 16-Dec-18 16:52:31

Watch out for a big smelly mess which happened every Boxing Day after our dog got given leftovers including broccoli and sprouts confused

Applepudding2018 Sun 16-Dec-18 17:08:03

Turkey, pigs in blankets, mash and roast potato, peas, carrots and gravy. My dog happily eats small amounts of our left overs with no ill effects- don't think I'll try him on the sprouts though.

I've got him doggy mince pies as part of his Christmas present.

MattMagnolia Mon 17-Dec-18 19:49:55

Be careful if this is your dog’s first Christmas. We had a dog with a cast iron digestion, she could eat anything without harm, but the least bit of turkey gave her terrible diarrhoea while we had a houseful of family staying.

Icklepup Tue 18-Dec-18 16:45:17

Some duck and veggies

starcrossedseahorse Wed 19-Dec-18 19:33:30

Nope. Same old for my lot.

TheHorseOnSeventhAvenue Wed 19-Dec-18 23:37:06

Scrambled egg and smoked salmon for breakfast - turkey and pigs in blankets later. (In fairness these will be tiny amounts with her normal food).
She will not be having sprouts - her windy smells are bad enough!

Catdogmum Sun 23-Dec-18 06:21:44

Ours have got a tin of Lily’s Kitchen too @Eifla and the cat DID have a tray of it as well...until the big dog decided he liked the look of it!

glenthebattleostrich Sun 23-Dec-18 06:32:01

We get butternut box for ours and they've included a Christmas dinner 😁

She'll also get a bit of beef and a new beef bone.

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