2 years old and pooing after house move?

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NewHouseFreshStart10 Sat 15-Dec-18 09:00:29

Hi all,

I very recently moved house, the pooch has done a fantastic job at settling in, he has much more space now and I can really see how much this has calmed him down.

One thing.. he is pooing overnight? For the first week or so he was absolutely fine, stuck to his normal routine and we had zero accidents, but the last few days there has been a poo every night. His daily routine hasn't changed (feeding times, walks, let outs etc) so the only thing I can think is he feels unsettled in the new house? He is downstairs overnight with no access to any of the bedrooms so we never see this until morning.

Does anyone have any experience of this? TIA smile

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BiteyShark Sat 15-Dec-18 09:21:59

Although I have no experience of this I have read that moving house can be extremely stressful for a dog. Maybe it's the night times which you dog is finding the most stressful.

Where does he sleep now and how does that compare to where he slept in your previous house? Is the space very different? Are you further away and perhaps he thinks you have left if he can't hear you as well in the new house.

Are you taking him out last thing at night? Could you get a camera or baby monitor to check on him in case he is waking and is upset and unsettled but you just aren't hearing him.

NewHouseFreshStart10 Sat 15-Dec-18 10:29:07


Thanks for your reply!

He is currently given all the downstairs (hall, kitchen, dining room) at night and we are on the middle floor of a 3 storey house so can generally hear any noises, the first couple of nights he whimpered slightly but has been quiet since, in our previous house he just had the kitchen which was relatively small, maybe I've given him too much space?

He is let out right before bed and has a big crate with blankets and a bed in in the kitchen which is left open for him.

He seems to have settled well in every other way apart from this, I'm tempted to a vet trip just in case it could be something else..

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BiteyShark Sat 15-Dec-18 10:48:18

I find with mine he likes to sleep tucked away in a corner as he simply doesn't like big open spaces. Maybe try a smaller space to start with.

Is the new house in a particular different area? Thinking noises outside. With a camera you could see if he was being disturbed and then pooing at certain times. I know our foxes seem to be on the prowl in the early hours and I find a white noise machine helps to muffle some of the quieter sounds.

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