7 year old lab with bad arthritis

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Cobblersandhogwash Fri 14-Dec-18 21:05:43

So sad for him.

He's just had X-rays today because he's not responded to the drugs our vet prescribed for him.

The arthritis is in his elbows and toes. The vet said it's pretty bad - new bone growth all over the place, particularly in his elbows.

So the X-rays will be sent to a specialist for further advice about surgical options (which are limited and not particularly useful anyway).

Meanwhile, he's now on Gabapentin which hopefully won't make him throw up. And 120mg of Carprodyl every day.

The vet told me it's degenerative and that hopefully these drugs will make him more comfortable.

He is so young. He's lively, boisterous, happy, loves his walks. But he limps so badly and is obviously in pain.

Anyone else had a dog with arthritis and any advice on what should I expect / do / advice on how to make things better for him?

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Fri 14-Dec-18 21:14:48

There is a lot you can do. Get referred to a physio this can make a huge difference to dogs.

Life style changes can also help. Make floors non slip,alter exercise it may be hydro is an option or walking on flat walks rather than up hills. Grass walks may be better than tarmac etc.

It is important to get pain under control and this can improve the dogs quality of life.

Coats after exercise to keep the dog warm can help some stiffness.

Ramp for getting into the car and maybe stop going upstairs in the house

Also worth considering supplements I like rialfex canine HA and green lipped muscle but there are other options.

This site may help you CAM

Your dog can still have a great life but may need a few adjustments

FlashByReputation Fri 14-Dec-18 21:15:06

YuMoov tablets are really good and gave my parents elderly springer spaniel a second wind of insanity when he started to slow down. Also weight management, particularly with labs who are prone to weight gain. Extra weight adds pressure on the joints, I see lots of ahem, tubby labs unfortunately. It's probably the quickest and easiest think to do if they are carrying and extra weight x good luck x

fivedogstofeed Fri 14-Dec-18 22:34:46

Yumove tablets made a huge difference to my older dogs. Ddog2 has a a very bad hip now also does hydrotherapy and takes CBD oil. The CBD oil was life-changing and I could see the effects within a few days.

Scattyhattie Fri 14-Dec-18 23:04:25

Hydrotherapy & physiotherapy can really benefit dogs with arthritis & improve mobility. Physio treatments also include laser course and the biomag magnetic pulse mat which helps reduce inflammation & pain .I've used both on myself, can't feel anything so dogs tolerate well but certainly works.
Cartrophen injections have had noticeable difference to one of my dogs & less so on another but at least its not expensive to try (£80). There's lots of different medications though if they don't tolerate one, my dogs have been fine with gabapentin so hopefully yours will to.

There's also regenerative treatments available such as arthromed, stem cell & plasma injections, I don't know much about them but met dogs at hydro centre that have benefitted ( they get referred there from orthopedic vets).
Its worth having a consult with ortho specialist as they can advise on available treatments/medications even if decide to treat conservatively. 7 isn't really old though so surgery, sometimes arthroscopy is done on elbows.


madmum5811 Fri 14-Dec-18 23:09:52

tins of oily fish in their food a couple of times a week helps to lubricate joints. We use yumove for old springer. Rimadyl for the labrador when he was still with us. Is there a hydrotherapy pool for dogs near you. Just taking the weight off his joints will be bliss for him.

tabulahrasa Sat 15-Dec-18 05:59:12

Supplements and weight management can help, you want him as lean as you can get him without being underweight.

For elbows you’re wanting to limit those downward jolts, stairs, getting out of the car, stuff like that.

Laser therapy is fairly cheap and totally non invasive, it didn’t actually help my dog, but it does some and it’s not stressful for them in anyway.

Hydrotherapy is again not hugely expensive and non invasive.

Stem cell therapy is tbh probably a bit of a long shot if he’s as bad as it sounds, we ruled it out on mine because at that point it was a very expensive gamble and he didn’t tolerate vets visits well... but worth looking into even if it’s to rule it out.

Cartrophen is again something we ruled out because of his reaction to NSAIDs this time, but again I’ve heard some success stories.

If the ortho can’t do much, there are also pain specialists and other drugs, so things like amantadine can work well with other painkillers.

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