Infection? Cancer?

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Doggydoggydoggy Thu 13-Dec-18 13:55:03

Just to clarify, dog will be getting a vet appointment soon, just wondering if any other owners might know what this is?

I am worried incase it’s cancer as she is getting on a bit now.

I noticed it yesterday morning, I have shaved all the fur away.

Yesterday morning it was quite pussy, I assumed infection so have been salt watering it and from yesterday afternoon onwards it isn’t pussing anymore but it is very red and swollen as you can see from the image.

I think she is going to need antibiotics from the vet but I am worried incase it is possibly a tumour?

She isn’t in any obvious discomfort, no limping, eating well, not depressed, still active etc.
The area isn’t hot at all, just really red and swollen.

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Icklepup Thu 13-Dec-18 19:00:53

It looks like it could be an infection..
Hope someone else will be along with some helpful advice

violets2 Fri 14-Dec-18 16:37:07

My dog had a similar thing recently. It turned out to be a harmless wart but it did have to be removed. He's nearly 13. He's fine, though not enjoying having to wear a cone for 10 days!

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