10 month old following me continuously.

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CollyWombles Wed 12-Dec-18 08:56:30

It's driving me crazy. My puppy is a German shepherd/black lab cross, she has the sweetest nature, adores my children especially my ASD son. Generally very well behaved and I can't fault her on anything but her clinginess.

I've only started getting annoyed about it since I've been pregnant, ever since I turned and tripped over her one day. She will follow me to the toilet. Sit next to the bath. Follow me in the same room, when I am just pottering about. I'm forever tripping over her, pushing past her, pushing her away because I don't want her trying to lick my face when on the toilet!

Closing doors doesn't help, she can open them. She has kongs, soft toys, balls and is walked for about an hour twice a day. She has just had her first heat.

I adore her, I know it doesn't sound like it but I do. What can I do though to stop the following?

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BiteyShark Wed 12-Dec-18 09:01:21

At that age mine used to follow me everywhere including the toilet. He would also lie on the bathmat when I took a shower.

I just used to get on with my day and eventually he will now only follow me if he thinks I might be doing something exciting otherwise he stays put.

MsMightyTitanAndHerTroubadours Wed 12-Dec-18 09:09:38

well that is GSDs for you!

We had two, one was a bit more supervisory and family oriented and as long as he knew where everyone was and that nothing too exciting was happening he would be happy to stay put, but the other was a Needy Nellie and I was his person, he had to protect and keep me in sight at all times. Except for up stairs, he never came upstairs.

She LOVES you!

All you can do really is accept that she'll probably be less than a foot away from you at all times get her used to keeping her distance a little. Let her know you won't leave her behind, but she must not get under your feet. My boy had to sit in the kitchen doorway or lie in front of the cooker if he was in there with me.
Can you get a stairgate and make her wait there if you have to go upstairs?
SHe might be extra needy with her hormones and season?

CollyWombles Wed 12-Dec-18 09:16:25

We did have a stair gate but we have awkward stairs and it didn't last. I lost a pregnancy before this one and this was a twin pregnancy but one twin didn't make it so I think it's the fear of tripping over her that's making me get so stressed about the following.

At the same time, I don't want to be mean to her and tell her to go away all the time, she is a lovely, gentle dog and doesn't mean any harm. A stair gate for the kitchen is a good idea, then at least when the following gets a bit much I can escape for a bit!

Just now, if I sit in the kitchen, she will sit right under my chair and against my feet. I'm not even sure why it's me she stalks as such, my husband is the one that feeds her, is home all day etc. I was the one that trained her until I went back to work, now he does but she still responds better to me.

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adaline Wed 12-Dec-18 10:00:16

My 10 month old Beagle does the same!

Floralnomad Wed 12-Dec-18 10:33:19

My dog is 8 , he still does it , comes to the loo with me , sees me into the bath and then sits on my bed waiting for me , helps me do the housework , it doesn’t bother me though so I’ve never tried to stop him .

Snowwontbelong Wed 12-Dec-18 10:35:28

Ddog is 5 and sits beside the loo whilst I am on it....


mirren3 Wed 12-Dec-18 10:48:38

Oh yes, I've got a Velcro dog too. Massive sturdy -fat- Labrador, even if he's sleeping he has to have some part of himself touching me. There's no way I can sneak away either, good point is he's toasty warm!

harrypotterfan1604 Wed 12-Dec-18 10:53:33

She just loves you! Wants to be wherever her human is. My two beagles do the same. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I agree it’s more annoying now I can’t see my feet so can’t see them lingering but I’m just going with it.
Since becoming pregnant they have both become much more needy anyway my midwife reckons they can smell it but I’m not sure about that hmm

ladybee28 Wed 12-Dec-18 10:54:50

My 6 year old black lab is definitely part barnacle. And ZERO spatial awareness - hits herself in the face with her own tail, so there's no hope of her being attached to you in a way that WON'T trip you up.

I'm just working hard on developing an unsmashable face.

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Wed 12-Dec-18 11:05:13

My dog likes to know where I am in the house/garden. He comes to find me then settles wherever I am. Doesn't need to be touching I'd find that too smothering but he does like knowing.

I accepted this about him, but yes, he can be a trip hazard so I created his own spot in certain rooms (kitchen, lounge, bedroom), bought dog bed cushions and taught him to "on your bed" and "settle down".

Over the years (he is 11 yo) he is far less clingy, so the only bed we have now is in our bedroom.

BiteyShark Wed 12-Dec-18 11:12:10

But isn't this why we all got dogs. If we wanted to be ignored we would have got cats grin

Snowwontbelong Wed 12-Dec-18 12:50:50

Seems its unanimous you accept your fate as half of a siamese twin set op.

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Wed 12-Dec-18 16:06:20

bitey shark Exactly fgrin. Although I dog sat for a family pooch who was polar opposite to how mine behaves, I was checking on him all week as he'd just take himself off. He's the same in his own house too.

The only thing is though, with mine he's a small but utterly solid terrier that's very good at wiping people out darting inbetween legs ... one dangerous trip hazard which is why I like him to know he can be with me not under my feet on his bed.

He guards the bathroom door waiting for me even though I've explained there's only one door in and one door out fwink

lpchill Wed 12-Dec-18 16:15:03

It may sound daft but are you rewarding the dog for the behaviour you want? With our pup now 9 months we would drop a little treat in front of him when he goes takes himself away to have a rest/sleep. Say good boy then carry on with what we where doing. It has seemed to really help with the not following everywhere.

We also have little beds in the lounge and kitchen to stop him begging. If he begs at meal times we tell him to go to his bed. If he does he gets a reward. No longer need to give him treats he just goes when we tell him.

adaline Wed 12-Dec-18 16:34:04

No longer need to give him treats he just goes when we tell him.

Ah, see your dog clearly isn't a stubborn bugger beagle grin

lpchill Wed 12-Dec-18 17:18:41

No he's a mini labradoodle who's hit his teenage phase so he does try it on haha. He looks pretty sheepish when I remind him to go back to bed especially when toddler is throwing food everywhere.

I love beagles but they are such a bugger to train. Think the saying is a beagle will always be half trained or something like that

adaline Wed 12-Dec-18 17:32:37

To be fair he's nowhere near as bad as I thought he'd be - if I have food he'll do pretty much anything!

His recall is absolutely shocking though grin

whateveryousay Wed 12-Dec-18 21:22:07

As PP said, that’s GSDs for you!
Mine follows me around literally all day. I love it though, and we have some lovely little chats as we potter about together 😂

Pandamodium Wed 12-Dec-18 21:36:10

I have a GSD cross she is my shadow too.

Word of warning when my baby boy came out of hospital she used to cry whenever he did hmm I was demented. A year and a half later she has mostly stopped.

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