Adpoting a puppy when have an older dog

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BabySharkDooDooDooDoo Tue 11-Dec-18 20:55:52

Im 🤞 passing a home check going to be adpoting a 6 month old romanian pup that has been brought to scotland and i have a 10yr old lab staffy cross and a 3yo ds. Ddog is good with other dogs but he is vocal when he is playing (he likes the sound of his own voice... grin). He loves company be it canine or human. Potential ddog has good doggy manners and is good with children. He would be a perfect fit and would give ddog some doggy company in the house. I work 4hrs a day and my dog walker takes him out. Am i crazy to get another dog like my sisters think? Or stand by my stance of it will be fine and i will make it work for us all

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