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idea888 Sun 09-Dec-18 15:47:18

I want to get a cosy dog bed with sides as ddog prefers curling up in an armchair when allowed and I think his current pillow type bed is a bit draughty & needs replacing anyway. I don't mind spending £150ish if I can find something that will last (current £30 one from pets at home has lasted 18 months). I think I need medium size - ddog is a crossbreed, not sure what, but he's about the size of a small labrador but slimmer and about 20kg.

I've spent hours trawling google and reading old threads on here to find a comfortable, hardwearing bed but can't decide. Here are some I thought might be good. Has anyone tried any of these? I'm not sure why the Bronte Glen one is £80 and the others are about twice the price - what more do I get for that? Any advice, recommendations or warnings please?

Bronte Glen trojan
Orvis wraparound bed
Orvis bolster bed
Tuffies nest bed
Charly Chau deeply dish

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Whoseranium Sun 09-Dec-18 16:18:46

I've got several beds from Tuffies and they've all been absolutely brilliant. The oldest has so far survived six years of pretty much constant use by multiple dogs (adults and puppies) and is still like new.

Ylvamoon Sun 09-Dec-18 17:48:44

I mainly use vet bed which is fantastic stuff.
But we did have baskets before and I used these.... I found them more hygienic as they fit nicely into the washing machine.

Ylvamoon Sun 09-Dec-18 17:49:27

Should have posted the link....confused

Icklepup Sun 09-Dec-18 17:57:35

rabbitsandrhubarb Sun 09-Dec-18 17:57:43

I have an Orvis bolster bed with fleece cover, and the dogs love it so much (but wont sit in it together - as soon as one hops out the other hops in) that I have just bought another, this time the wraparound bed with fleece cover. Dogs love resting their heads on the sides.

I wasnt sure about the water proof beds - the fabric didnt look very comforting to sit on, and I thought they might be rustly, whereas the fleece is soft (not that I think dogs are particularly bothered, really).

The Orvis covers come off easily for washing and dry quickly - I wanted a bed where the cover would come off, rather than having to wash the whole bed.

Neither of mine are bed chewers, so I cannot say whether they would stand up to being chewed.

Bunnybigears Sun 09-Dec-18 17:58:52

If you have the room can be just have his own armchair with a blanket on it if thats what he likes.


idea888 Mon 10-Dec-18 08:47:42

Thanks for all the replies. I'm almost decided on a Tuffies one as they seem to get the best reviews. Reading through the reviews on the Orvis website there are always a small number of unhappy customers and Orvis don't seem very helpful in their replies.

Bunnybigears I wish we did have room for a dog armchair!

We used to have a hard plastic bed Ylvamoon but ddog didn't really like it for some reason, though I'm thinking of getting some vetbed to go on the sofas overnight as I think ddog goes on there as soon as our backs are turned smile

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Honkyzeke Mon 10-Dec-18 09:45:06

Ive found the memory foam beds to be excellent, i have a labrador and with previous beds she would after a while scratch at the bed to try and get comfortable, once she started to do that being a 30+ kg dog within days it would be in bits, shes had the same memory foam bed now for over a year and shes not scratched at it once, it hasnt lost its shape and is as comfortable as when we first got it.

idea888 Mon 10-Dec-18 10:57:29

I wondered about memory foam, but they are so expensive. I looked at the cushion-type ones, but not sure if ddog might find them draughty.

I've just seen this bed which looks like a cheap version of Tuffies. I'm quite tempted though I guess it won't be anyuwhere near the same quality as it's a third of the price.

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missbattenburg Mon 10-Dec-18 11:03:24

We have an Orvis memory foam bolster one and a big plastic one with a padded cushion in it. I love the Orvis bed but cannot honestly say Battendog prefers it. He seems as happy in the big plastic one as anywhere.

He's only a young dog, though - perhaps when his bones get a bit older and creakier he might appreciate the mf comfort a bit more grin

Cromercrab Mon 10-Dec-18 22:47:00

Hello, I'm getting the house ready for our first puppy - a cocker spaniel, will be collecting him on 31 December. I have a crate, and will be setting up a puppy play pen, as per the breeder's advice. I"m a bit confused about a bed: do I line the crate with something like vetbed fabric and put toys and scent blanket in there for sleep? Is vetbed an actual bed as well as fabric? I don't want to spend loads on a bed which the puppy might not like. Sorry to sound so dim, but any advice?

Gottensomedraws Mon 10-Dec-18 23:31:51

Tuffies all the way for me too! Great quality, Scottish company. Virtually indestructible too. Originally my lab chewed most of the cheaper beds we bought, we now have a tuffies flat mattress type bed and fleece cover which I wash and dry easily and a plastic bed liner which is great too ( she has two beds!)

2018ismyyear2018 Mon 10-Dec-18 23:37:18

Tuffies are lovely.

missbattenburg Tue 11-Dec-18 08:40:23

cromer vet ball the way. Easy to wash and dry and indestructible. Just put a piece in the floor of the crate, no need for extra bedding. Puppies can get very comfy without anything extra.

missbattenburg Tue 11-Dec-18 08:40:38

Vet BED 👍

BiteyShark Tue 11-Dec-18 08:59:50

Every time I spend a lot on beds I find it to be a waste of money. BiteyDog seems to prefer the cheaper, poorer made versions.

I recently bought a £80 memory foam bed as his primary bed and then a cheap £20 memory foam one for another room. Guess which one he prefers? hmm.

misspopsicle Tue 11-Dec-18 09:09:43

Def tuffies! I bought my spaniel one out of desperation as he was chewing everything I bought him. The tuffy is fantastic. He hasn't even nibbled it and even my kids say it's comfy 😂

Girlwhowearsglasses Tue 11-Dec-18 09:12:23

Charley Chau beds are lovely. They are washable and they look great. Whippet loves his as it has sides. Looks great in the living room as fabric so nice.

DeadCertain Tue 11-Dec-18 09:13:14

Another vote for Tuffies!!

Cromercrab Tue 11-Dec-18 09:36:17

Thanks Battenberg! You will probably see me pop up in all sorts of places asking questions that will have experienced owners rolling their eyes. So do I buy a roll of vetbed and cut the fabric to fit the crate? and is there another, actual, er, vet BED that I could use elsewhere?

Cromercrab Tue 11-Dec-18 09:37:12

In case the puppy refuses his crate, that is. Or do people just cut the fabric and place in different areas for a bed?

florentina1 Tue 11-Dec-18 13:05:23

@Gottensomedraws, I would post your query Separately. Questions tend to get lost on other threads. My Dil asked me the same question as they are getting a puppy next week. I have only had Rescues so don’t know the answer, I keep an eye on yours.

florentina1 Tue 11-Dec-18 13:06:09

Sorry that post was for @cromercrab

NewYoiker Tue 11-Dec-18 13:18:00

This is going to make me sound like a cheap skate.. but I bought off cuts of memory foam for £11 on amazon and put some vet bed on it and blankets, ❤️ he adores it!

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