Pet insurance recommendations?

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rainbow2222 Sun 09-Dec-18 18:08:34

Whichever provider you go for make sure the policy is "lifelong cover" some of the cheaper ones will only pay for a condition for 1 year then exclude it... not great if it's something like diabetes, epilepsy or arthritis as you'll then have to pay for everything after a year.
Lifelong means that the cover amount will be renewed each year for each condition for the lifetime of the pet.
Also if the pooch has any pre-exisiting conditions before you take out the insurance those won't be covered by any insurer so bare that in mind and will apply if you ever want to switch insurer in the future.

Look for the highest cover you can afford and read the small print, generally you'll get what you pay for so if it seems a lot cheaper than others there's probably a reason smile

Eifla Sun 09-Dec-18 18:00:32

Petplan. Paid out the £8k annual limit with my previous dog three years running. New pup is with them too.

Premiums might be higher than some others, but they don’t hike them year on year, and they stump up when it really matters.

BiteyShark Sun 09-Dec-18 05:43:22

Get as much cover as you can afford as vet fees can mount up very quickly. I am with petplan who have paid out around £4500 in the first two years of my dogs life.

GoodHeavensNoImAChicken Sat 08-Dec-18 23:30:32

Petplan have paid out thousands for us with no complaints! They’re fabulous. We changed from Argos after some issues

Chocolatebourbons Sat 08-Dec-18 23:25:50

Tesco are very good.

Skatersbeskating Sat 08-Dec-18 23:24:28

Argos have been excellant.

sparkle789 Sat 08-Dec-18 23:22:14

Can anyone recommend a good provider for pet insurance? We want the lifetime cover option.

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