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jigglejoggle Sat 08-Dec-18 22:25:35

Just wondering if anyone else has tried this to no avail?

My friend subscribes and swears by it for her 4 year old cocker spaniel, so I recently took advantage of the free 28-day trial offer, completed the online questionnaire and food arrived as promised. Great! Rubbed hands gleefully, carefully measured the correct portion size using dinky little measuring cup included in the bag, and stood back waiting expectantly for jigglepuppy to wolf down said food, lick jigglepuppy lips and look imploringly at JiggleMummy for more...

Jigglepuppy approached bowl, sniffed cautiously, looked up at JiggleMummy, and walked away. Never returned to the bowl and ran away when JiggleMummy tried to tempt with pieces in hand.

Hmpf. So much for "...when we develop your dog's blend from scratch, we know it will meet their needs with a precision that other brands cannot match..." grin grin grin

Now, Barking Heads is an entirely different story wink

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twoheaped Sat 08-Dec-18 22:28:20

Yep, my dog wouldn't touch it.
If I remember correctly, I was sent a survey and said that he wouldn't eat it.
They offered to reformulate it for him, I didn't bother.

jigglejoggle Sat 08-Dec-18 22:35:22

Yes, twoheaped, I got that survey by email and replied stating that mine wouldn't eat it. They did offer to reformulate but I didn't bother either as she was happy with her own food. Still is.

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MothershipG Sat 08-Dec-18 22:40:56

Worked for us, I have 2 hoovers who will eat anything so no surprises there but I also have one majorly fussy one who will often turn his nose up at kibble and he actually deigns to eat Tails.

Having the scoop system also means that I know they are getting the right amount as DH & DC tend to be overly generous. 😆

LizzieBennettDarcy Sat 08-Dec-18 22:44:29

I think it's all hype over substance. The idea is great but the quality not so much. is a good starting place.

DogInATent Sun 09-Dec-18 13:09:30

I've heard it's very good for dogs with dietary intolerances - because you can specify what to exclude from the mix, but a bit of a gimmick otherwise.

tabulahrasa Sun 09-Dec-18 13:19:20

“I've heard it's very good for dogs with dietary intolerances“

Not massively...

Grain free only comes in chicken, so it’d be no use if a dog had issues with grain and chicken.

It’s not actually tailor made or anything like it, they’ve just got a few mixes that they then mix together.

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