Nervous dog - home boarding?

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broccolicheesebake Fri 07-Dec-18 09:11:01

I've posted a bit about my rehomed nervous dog reactive chi. I'm going away at Easter (rescue knew this) and said I'd be sorting out home boarding/kennels whatever suits them best. Chi reacts to other dogs with barking and jumping around. Not been around other dogs for any length of time to know whether she eventually settles but I'm guessing even with home boarding there'll be other dogs there which will be nerve wracking for her.

How do other people have their nervous dogs cared for? In future, Im happy to do dog friendly UK hols, but this holiday was prebooked (and as I said I told rescue this)

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BiteyShark Fri 07-Dec-18 10:16:45

Some home boarders don't have their own dogs so maybe ask about? I would also trial one out for a night before you go.

EllaDownTheLane Fri 07-Dec-18 10:21:10

Find a pet sitter that does overnights in your own home. Much easier on your dog.

DogInATent Fri 07-Dec-18 11:40:30

Homeboarding is possible under your circumstances, but expect to pay for the "whole home" if your dog means that no other dogs can be boarded at the same time.

broccolicheesebake Fri 07-Dec-18 12:08:53

Thanks! She goes mad at anything furry so there wouldn't be able to be cats or small pets either hmm. Hopefully there'll be somebody who fits bill as I'd budgeted for homeboarding as opposed to home petsitter. I hadn't realised what she was like with other dogs until I took her out...rescue certainly didn't give me a picture of it. (At rescue she was exercised in a field but I have to walk her in urban areas full of people, dogs and cats so maybe they didn't know? )

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pigsDOfly Fri 07-Dec-18 14:43:41

When I looked into home boarding a while ago there seemed to be quite a few who didn't have any pets of their own, so don't imagine it will be too hard to find one to take your dog as an only boarder.

I was very nervous about putting my dog into kennels for the first time but I found a lovely place with people I trust implicitly and she always seems very happy to go there.

I just did lots of research until I found one that looked right for my dog and for my peace of mind.

Hope you find your ideal person.

AbbieActon Tue 11-Dec-18 14:46:28

We took a long time researching home-boarding providers in our area and visited a few. One (that we eventually chose) invited us inside to see what the conditions were. Apart from their own 2 dogs, they were hosting another 3 and we surprised as we watched the entire 'pack' interact without any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour. This may have been in part because they insist on a trial introduction of new pets to see how they get on - not only in the house, but also on the walks they go on. So we'd suggest you do the same; look at what's available via the internet, assess the apparent level of professionalism and services they provide and then call them to see if they'll let you 'see inside the box'. As a yardstick, have a look at this link

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