Dog attacked by another - what to do?

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Iltavilli Thu 06-Dec-18 15:00:32

We got our new rescue about a month ago. He’s about 18 months so lively but manageable. On his daytime walks we take him to the park, but on his late walk before bed we just do a lap of the block (about 20mins) as there are a couple of small communal greens he can use for wees / poos.
A couple of nights ago we did the usual late walk, and as we walked along the pavement a dog was let out from a neighbouring bungalow, off lead. The front garden has no fencing etc and the dog went straight for ours, growling and jumped on the back of his neck. Fortunately our dog (still being a little nervous) bolted and no damage was done. The owner of the other dog was in the doorway and saw this, so I shouted that their dog should be on a lead as he’d gone for ours. I’m relatively happy to chalk this up to experience but as our dog was on lead, and this was a public pavement at approx 10:30pm, would you take any other action?

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Snappymcsnappy Thu 06-Dec-18 15:09:56

Dog warden.

DeadCertain Thu 06-Dec-18 15:11:34

I reported a very similar scenario to the police (although my dog ended up very badly hurt) and they recorded it but stated that nothing would be done as it was a dog - dog attack. The dog that hurt mine had done it before to other dogs and went on to do it again afterwards several times that I am aware of.

Nesssie Thu 06-Dec-18 15:19:07

Dog warden

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