Dog food recommendation for puppy not happy on chicken and rice burns.

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Theresahairbrushinthefridge Thu 06-Dec-18 13:23:01

So definitely the burns that is setting her off. Fine on hills I/d.

Food recommended by the vet is obscure one and not readily available.

We are away with our dog a lot so need to get her onto a
Kibble that we can easily get hold of and/ or get delivered.

Want a really high quality puppy food for a Labrador.

From my previous thread wainwright's grain free and turkey seems a good starting point.

Any thoughts.

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BiteyShark Thu 06-Dec-18 13:37:18

I now feed wet but before then used to use millieswolfheart kibble (suitable for puppy and adults) and they have lots of different varieties. I have also used forthglade.

Check out for some ideas of brands, quality and price.

YorkshireIndie Thu 06-Dec-18 13:44:23

James Wellbeloved or pets at home Wainwright's. Use both but prefer James Wellbeloved

SlothMama Thu 06-Dec-18 13:48:50

Use to check out the quality ratings as they also have retailers on there that stock the food. I've used Millies Wolfheart in the past but my puppy went off it, she's now on Eden and thriving. I work not too far from the manufacturer so I buy it direct, but I've heard their deliveries are quick.

BelindasRedPlasticHandcuffs Thu 06-Dec-18 13:55:57

Another on Millie's! Pup used to be on Eukanuba and could take or leave it but absolutely loves Millie's. Delivery is quick and the customer service team is excellent if you have questions.

heidiwine Thu 06-Dec-18 15:10:07

Canagan works really well for us.
Dog not happy on Lily’s Kitchen, Arden Grange of Wellbeloved kibble.
It was a massive relief to find something that works. It’s really expensive though!

MissShapesMissStakes Thu 06-Dec-18 15:47:45

Mine has Orijen puppy. Can get from amazon and pet shops like Cooke’s.
When the vet asked what food he was on she said it was a good quality one.


starcrossedseahorse Fri 07-Dec-18 15:14:55

Burns is bloody terrible food so your pup has good taste!

Try a cold pressed food such as Guru or Simple. My dogs adore it even my mega fussy one!

Canagan and Millie's are also great foods.

anniehm Fri 07-Dec-18 15:20:00

We use burns alert lamb - he's not overly fond of it but eats it if he's hungry, means we don't have an overweight dog!

cowfacemonkey Fri 07-Dec-18 16:42:17

Millie's is great my dog thrives on it. We go for a fish mix as mine doesn't do well on chicken either.

starcrossedseahorse Sat 08-Dec-18 00:03:27

annie that is a pretty miserable approach to feeding your dog tbh. Food is one of a dog's great pleasures and to deliberately feed him food he doesn't like is really grim.

Burns is massively high in grains and low in the good stuff - it is also very overpriced and better feeds are available more cheaply.

Do your poor dog a favour and try a decent food like Millie's Wolfheart.

Bananabus Sun 09-Dec-18 23:20:07

My Goldie is on Orijen Red. No chicken in it - I think it’s the chicken in most dog foods that gives him an upset stomach.

Icklepup Mon 10-Dec-18 14:02:15

Guru or Markus Mühle

smackbangwhollop Sun 16-Dec-18 22:35:09

British no Eden Holistic Pet Food. Its an 80/20 Organic food rated 5/5 on

Jaffacakebeast Sun 16-Dec-18 23:16:14

Mine was on jameswell, then on to raw food. Now he’s on dried kibble, tails. Get it online. Delivered every mth. Really good price. I’d never go back. It’s totally tailored to your dogs diet

Jaffacakebeast Sun 16-Dec-18 23:17:38

4got to add, mine has the hypo allergenic range, so no grain and stuff. massive German Shepherd and only cost £40 a mth

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