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What to get a Vizla puppy?

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YesItsMeIDontCare Mon 03-Dec-18 21:14:48

Pets are important members of any family so I want to get my brother's Vizla puppy a Christmas present.

But I don't know what!

Please help! £10 or less (I'm not rich and he's got 3 kids.... 😱)

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FitzChivalryFarseer Mon 03-Dec-18 21:19:07

A letter S wink

Have a look on Amazon for brain games for dogs. There are loads under £10. Vizslas are really smart as well as high energy dogs. It will be something that the kids can help teach the pup. Mental stimulation really helps tire them out before they can be fully exercised.

YesItsMeIDontCare Mon 03-Dec-18 21:23:16

Ah. Vizsla. Sorry blush.

This is why I have a cat. I can spell it!

Never thought of brain games, will have a look thank you. Are then any particular makes that are "the best"?

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FitzChivalryFarseer Mon 03-Dec-18 21:48:58

There’s another idea - get the puppy a cat to chase!

<joke before everyone jumps on me>

although my Vizsla does try to chase my cat when she thinks I am not looking

YesItsMeIDontCare Mon 03-Dec-18 21:55:17

Unfortunately my cat is a bit of a big, vicious bugger and would probably make mincemeat out of the pup! (Soft as shit with me though Mummy's boy.)

Pup is delightfully bonkers though!

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katmunchkin Mon 03-Dec-18 21:57:39

Our puppy's favourite two toys are both things she can fling around and bash into herself, us and everything else - a ball on a rope and a thick piece of rope.

cowfacemonkey Mon 03-Dec-18 22:03:41

A kong wobbler?

cowfacemonkey Mon 03-Dec-18 22:07:30

The b&m snake. stuff with cocktail sausages and cream cheese, freeze voila keep him busy for ages. Just don't be in close proximity with bare legs when he shakes it violently in his mouth.

cowfacemonkey Mon 03-Dec-18 22:09:24

Block of anco wood if he's a chewer

han01uk Mon 03-Dec-18 22:19:24

An antler...they last ages!

FitzChivalryFarseer Tue 04-Dec-18 07:37:24

An antler...they last ages!

And they break the teeth, particularly puppy’s.

Pleasedontdothat Tue 04-Dec-18 07:42:02

Our smooth collie puppy has got one of these Kong Wubbas. She loves shaking it, making it squeak and playing tuggy with it. It’s survived much longer than her other soft toys and it’s within your budget

Nesssie Tue 04-Dec-18 10:35:03

Agree with a brain game for food, or a kong wobbler.

Sarge17 Tue 04-Dec-18 20:05:01

A Foobler! Our pointers love it!

BiggFactHunt Fri 07-Dec-18 14:33:34

Kong Stuff a Ball? I use mine all the time with their food to make my dogs eat slower.
Zooplus is good price for most stuff.

Yakers- XL ones might be £11 ish though. or Active Hound are cheapest.

Roomba Fri 07-Dec-18 14:38:33

A throne, if the Vizla I used to dogs it for was anything to go by grin She was superior to us mere humans she had to have the best seat in any room, even if it was already occupied! I hear its a Vizla trait, I think they're gorgeous clever dogs really though. I'd go for the B&m snake thing or a puzzle.

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