Advice on getting puppy to sleep on his own again

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beachykeen01 Mon 03-Dec-18 10:51:41

About 4-6 weeks ago dog decided after 8mths of happily sleeping in his crate in the dining room he didn't want to do that anymore and started crying barking all sodding night. After a week of broken sleep we took advice that said bring him in with you. We did and have got him back to sleeping in his crate in our room happily (took a few weeks of gradually building up to locking crate door but has been good for 2/3 weeks now). But I would like my bedroom back! We tried to put him to bed in the dining room tonight and straight back to barking. I really, really need the dog to be okay sleeping without us, like he was from 2 to 9months of age. Any advice?

I can't edge the crate out of our room as it will block the kids access (or our exit in a fire lol) so it's in our room or in the dinning room. I could buy a gate and confine him to a small tiled kitchen area but I'm not sure that will solve the problem. He has someone home all day apart from a few hours here and there when he's fine in the crate in the dining room 😮

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BiteyShark Mon 03-Dec-18 10:57:48

I found my dog went through a few stages at that age of suddenly not liking things again such as being left etc.

I think it's a case of going back to basics for a bit. If you can't edge the crate out could you do the reverse so camp bed in dining room and you effectively move your bed further away each night.

Or just suck up lack of sleep for a bit and whenever he barks treat him like a puppy so outside for a quick toilet break then back in crate without any fuss or noise and repeat until he gets the message that at night if he barks it a boring toilet break and back but nothing else and certainly not your company.

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