Can anyone recommend a raw food company please?

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TitsalinaBumSquash Sun 02-Dec-18 08:43:54

My dogs diet is a mess, he currently eats human food and I don't know what he should and shouldn't be having. He won't eat dog food of any kind. I am thinking if trialing a raw food diet but need a company to send it to me as I have no clue what I'm doing! He's a tiny chihuahua if it matters, the vet says just feed him what he'll eat and stick to meat and fish.

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woolduvet Sun 02-Dec-18 08:45:24

I'm part of a raw Facebook page which is very helpful. And there's a great app which works out quantities for you.

BluthsFrozenBananas Sun 02-Dec-18 08:52:15

I have a tiny dog (Pomeranian) and we switched her to raw food a few months back. We use a brand called Country Hunter, which you can buy frozen from pets at home. It comes in little cubes which you defrost, our Pom has three for breakfast and three for dinner. It’s very easy, once we worked out how much she needed it was no more complicated than any other kind of feeding.

You’ll probably find most raw feeding information is based around bigger, stronger dogs and recommends things like chicken wings. My dog would I’m sure love a chicken wing but certainly doesn’t have the jaw strength to chomp the bones.

I’d highly recommend raw food though, my dog is much happier on it, doesn’t beg for food from us all the time and her poo is far less smelly than before.

TeaByTheSeaside Sun 02-Dec-18 08:55:14

I work in a vets. Please be careful with raw diets. This link has more info.

thethoughtfox Sun 02-Dec-18 08:56:03

Be careful, lots of animals are getting sick from this low grade raw food. Why not buy some from the butcher?

SugarButterFlour Sun 02-Dec-18 08:58:32

The Dog's Butcher. Loads of info on their site, it you can call for advice.

woolduvet Sun 02-Dec-18 09:00:50

My vets use raw food


Wolfiefan Sun 02-Dec-18 09:03:42

Evidence for lots of dogs getting sick? confused
Pick a food. Feed only that. Your dog needs dog food. I feed raw but it’s personal choice. If you offer roast chicken instead of dried food then of course your dog won’t eat dog food.

TitsalinaBumSquash Sun 02-Dec-18 09:04:51

Thanks I'll have a look at the links and research the different brands. I need to do something for him though because at the money he's living off of whatever meat or fish we have for dinner with the odd teaspoon of rice and veg thrown in because I have no clue what I'm doing!
1 vet said he'll eat when he's hungry just keep offering him small amounts of his kibble , he didn't eat at all and got very skinny and sad.
The next vet said of he'll eat human food then feed him that but to stay away from processed foods and sugar and salt, stick to meat and fish and a little bit of carbs and veg. My dog won't eat veg, he picks it out his bowl like a fussy child! He'll eat rice, meat, fish and the occasional cube of cheese! It's causing me huge amounts of stress worrying about him.

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BiteyShark Sun 02-Dec-18 09:19:03

Have you tried a good quality wet food? You can get good quality complete wet food that are 70-80% named meat or fish.

Kibble is boring, remember dogs have great smell and if you think about it kibble is pretty dull when you consider wet or raw. If you wanted to stick to cooked food there are a few companies now that do that which would make it easier to know how much to feed. is a good site for comparing cost and quality across all types of dog food (wet, dry, cooked and raw).

Wolfiefan Sun 02-Dec-18 09:25:37

Kibble is boring. Mine hated it. I tried all sorts to get her to eat it.
You do need to feed a proper dog food from a source you trust. It’s not just about weight. It’s about ensuring your dog gets the right nutrients.
Be aware that much commercial raw includes veg.

woolduvet Sun 02-Dec-18 09:32:51

There's evidence for and against feeding veg too
I partially cook some veg as they don't seem to absorb it if it's raw.
I add golden paste, coconut oil and garlic to it.

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