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Vomiting in 20 wk pup, advice please

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40yearsyoung Sun 02-Dec-18 08:14:25

Hi Mners, our 20 wk cockapoo vomited Friday night at 12.30 & 1.30.
Seemed ok in the morning and had a nice walk but was occasionally whimpering very slightly. Had lunch and ate dinner but only after encouragement. Last night he vomited twice in the space of 10 mins (huge quantities of partially digested food, sorry tmi).
He's quiet this morning and not himself. Am I ok to wait and see how he is tomorrow before taking him to the vet?
He chewed/ate the outer layer of a stick of kindling from the fireplace on Thursday evening and I'm concerned this may be the cause. He's raw fed and his poos have been fine. Advice please?

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GaryBaldbiscuit Sun 02-Dec-18 08:15:33

can he eat something bland?
pasta or rice? or even cooked chicken/fish for the time being

BiteyShark Sun 02-Dec-18 08:40:40

He isn't keeping food down. The occasionally whimpering very slightly indicates pain and he quiet this morning and not himself. You also know he ate something he shouldn't have just prior to this all kicking off.

If it was my dog I would not be waiting until tomorrow but then I was lucky that I didn't wait long to see my vets when I only have vomiting and pain as he had eaten something I was unaware of and had to undergo emergency surgery to remove a stuck rag.

Bananarama12 Sun 02-Dec-18 08:46:20

I would be straight to the vets. Vomiting and in pain since you know he's eaten something he shouldn't have. That's said as pet owner and vet receptionist.

40yearsyoung Sun 02-Dec-18 09:00:11

Great thanks for confirming. I will call them now.

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BiteyShark Sun 02-Dec-18 09:12:47

Hope he's ok.

40yearsyoung Sun 02-Dec-18 13:23:29

Thanks, just back from emergency vet. No obvious obstruction and as he was well enough in himself vet recommended wait and see approach and monitor for further symptoms. He seems to have perked up and is having a few spoons of meat every 2 hours.

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BiteyShark Sun 02-Dec-18 13:28:23

Good news OP. Fingers crossed he continues to get better.

GaryBaldbiscuit Sun 02-Dec-18 14:36:47


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