Border terrier owners!

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NewYoiker Sun 02-Dec-18 01:08:08

Can I ask for the good the bad the ugly? We are rescuing a puppy soon and it's going to be amazing. We are experienced terrier owners but haven't had a puppy for 10 years.

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NewYoiker Sun 02-Dec-18 15:20:53


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BertrandRussell Sun 02-Dec-18 15:28:01

We didn't acquire ours til she was 3 so don't know about the puppy stage but my word she is a fabulous dog. Incredibly loving, very cuddly, really easy, adores long walks but fine if she doesn't get one sometimes. Downsides- a bit needy, and clever but not very easy to train. Tendency to chubbiness. Expensive to strip and very very moulty if you don't keep on top of their coats.

Lauren5071 Sun 02-Dec-18 18:14:39

I don’t have a border now but grew up with the most lovely border girl.

Very clever yet quite stubborn and difficult to train. She was very food motivated which helped with training. Had to be stripped regularly otherwise she moulted heavily and she hated it but was easily bribed into staying still. She was great with us as children and settled into the family really well. She was quite vocal but I’ve never met a terrier that wasn’t!

Gorgeous pup! You’ll be thrilled

BasiliskStare Mon 03-Dec-18 03:05:14

I have two - even tempered , affectionate , very good around the house & very good with young children. Bark at the door knocker but then calm down so not a "yappy" dog ( my friend has two Jack Russells smile . ) That said they are chasers not retrievers so be careful if walking round where there may be squirrels / foxes / seagulls and the like . Yes they shed ( but if you have a dyson they do a special attachment for hoovering dog hair grin - or just brush , pull hair out and have properly stripped a couple of times a year..

Honestly I think they are one of the best dogs ever - they are little dogs who think they are big dogs and I think more laid back than lots of terriers.

BasiliskStare Mon 03-Dec-18 03:06:33

I mean not hoovering dog hair up , they actually do one for hoovering the dog itself shock

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