Looking for a good complete raw food

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Oddsocksandmeatballs Fri 30-Nov-18 19:46:10

Have you any recommendations please?

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Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Fri 30-Nov-18 19:51:48

Natural Instinct

missbattenburg Fri 30-Nov-18 20:48:31

Also Luna & Me, Cotswold Raw and Akela.

Bambamber Sat 01-Dec-18 17:44:17

We've recently started with natural instinct which came highly recommended to us by multiple people

Yourownpersonaljesus Sat 01-Dec-18 21:25:28

Could I ask roughly where you live? There's a shop near me that make their own as well as selling others.

AvocadosBeforeMortgages Sat 01-Dec-18 21:32:56

Www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk covers raw completes alongside more traditional options

Wolfiefan Sat 01-Dec-18 21:34:27

I didn’t know that Avocado. Thanks.
I have a farmer who makes their own. Also ordered from Raw Pet Supplies and Landywoods who do various.
Good luck. Changing to raw has been brilliant for us.


Twooter Sat 01-Dec-18 21:45:42

Why raw? There are no top veterinary nutritionists that recommend it, as it tends to be dangerously unbalanced, plus provides a human health risk. the pathogenic bacteria which can be present in raw meat can then be shed by your dog, which if anyone in your household is immunosuppressed, could be very serious. If you do still go for it, do careful research - it is not easy to provide a balanced diet so look for a commercial company with properly qualified nutritionists.

Wolfiefan Sat 01-Dec-18 22:45:14

I feed raw. Processed food and treats caused skin issues, itchiness and paw chewing. Plus she hated the kibble.
Her coat shines. She loves the food. Skin and paws much better. TMI but poo is smaller and easier to pick up. Better formed and no issues with anal glands.
I am immunosuppressed. I wash my hands after handling raw, keep it separate from human food, wash her bowls carefully with her own brush and don’t kiss her mouth. Yuck!
A complete dog food would be balanced.
It doesn’t suit everyone. But it does us.

Smrahc48 Sat 01-Dec-18 22:53:57

DAF (Durham animal foods) or Natural Instinct here

Twooter Sun 02-Dec-18 12:12:35

See which companies are registered with the PFMA, as that should guarantee they are at least balanced. Avoid in puppies especially - if the calcium and phosphate balance is wrong it can seriously mess they up. Avoid random supplementation - overdosing on vitamins and minerals can cause problems.

They do tend to have good coats - probably because there is a higher fat content, and small poos because of less fibre. Doesn’t mean it’s s better diet.

Wolfie - have you told your consultant that you feed raw? You might be pleased with it so far, but there are real risks.

Oddsocksandmeatballs Sun 02-Dec-18 14:23:07

Thank you.

I had forgotten the Allaboutdogfood website so will have a read up on there. I am on the Norfolk/Suffolk border @Yourownpersonaljesus

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Yourownpersonaljesus Sun 02-Dec-18 16:48:33

Oddsocks that's a shame - there's a great shop near me (Essex). Have used Nutriment previously though and that's good.

Wolfiefan Sun 02-Dec-18 18:04:42

Just seen landywoods in liquidation. Agh. Trying to source bones and duck for big girl.

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