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broccolicheesebake Wed 28-Nov-18 15:44:02

Just out of interest, for those of you that have adopted, what was the process? Did the rescue encourage lots of visits before committing? Did they give you lots of advice on settling dog in new environment/addressing any issues? At what point did home check happen? Before or after meeting dog?

Looking back, I'm not convinced the rescue I adopted from were that great, but just interested to hear about the process elsewhere.. TiA

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Nesssie Wed 28-Nov-18 15:52:44

It all varies. I volunteer for two. Generally, you fill in a form online. Have home check. Visit dog(s) - bring existing dogs and children along. If ok, take dog home. More nervous dogs might need repeat visits.
Home checks may happen before or after you've visited.

Some places may allow you to look round first, then fill in an adoption form.

They should offer plenty of advice, plus some more specific to that dog. A good rescue will offer advice and back up for the life of the dog.

CMOTDibbler Wed 28-Nov-18 16:12:33

I foster for a rescue - you see a dog you like on FB or the website, ring up the chair. If she thinks you are suitable in general terms, then you ring the foster co-ordinator (who knows where all the dogs are and has a bit more information on them). You then phone the fosterer, and if they think that your situation/family meets the dogs needs they will then organise for you to visit (everyone who lives where the dog will live, plus any dogs needs to come). If thats OK, then a home check is organised or if a recent homecheck with a sighthound charity has been done we'd contact them. Then the dog can go home.

Floralnomad Wed 28-Nov-18 16:22:28

We turned up at Battersea London on a Sunday morning at opening time , had an interview , found our puppy and came home with him within 2/3 hours . That was in 2010 and its been brilliant .

yetwig Wed 28-Nov-18 16:46:31

We saw our dog online, contacted rescue, filled in forms, had a home check then went and picked up dog 🙂 happened within a two week period.

DogInATent Wed 28-Nov-18 18:02:43

It was all pretty quick for us, less than a week.

Saturday - Went to the shelter "just for a look". Filled out the prospective adoptee form. Saw all the dogs, found one that matched our needs, that we liked, and that liked us. Took her for a walk.

Sunday - Went back, took her for another walk. Agreed to adopt her. Bought a lead, collar and harness, bed, bowls, etc. on the way home.

Monday - I went back on my own for another walk.

Wednesday - home check, finished just as the shelter would have been closing.

Thursday lunchtime - picked her up.

broccolicheesebake Thu 29-Nov-18 09:58:24

Thanks for responses! Sounds like my experience wasn't too dissimilar then. I have just been reflecting on it all and pondering if, for a life changing experience such as dog ownership, the process needs to be slowed down a bit. I know rescues have limited resources though and need to rehome quickly..

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DogInATent Thu 29-Nov-18 12:56:31

I think it does vary between shelters, and remember that you are being judged by the staff from the moment you turn up.

Someone with small children or no previous experience of dogs might have slower journey to adoption.

Some individual dogs may also require a longer process. All responsible shelters will have assessed the dog before making it available. If you look on shelter websites (RSPCA, Dog's Trust) you'll see individual dog profiles that have a requirement for additional visits as a result of the assessment that they have made of that dogs character, behaviour and needs.

florentina1 Thu 29-Nov-18 14:44:58

We had a successful adoption but I was surprised at the process. You looked at dogs on-line and could not apply until 7 days before you were ready to rehome. After the application, we were asked to send photos of the garden to make sure it was secure. Then there was a telephone interview lasting 30 minutes. We then had to give a date and pay the money in cash when we arrived to collect the dog. It was quite a small privately run, breed specific rescue. They said they did not have the staff to cater for repeated visits beforehand.

When we arrived they were very pleasant and said that if at any time we did feel we could cope we could take her back.

Forzaitalia Thu 29-Nov-18 21:57:47

I worked at a shelter. When I was there you would fill in a Homefinder form, look at the dogs then enquire about one you like, we would interview you and see if the dog fits your lifestyle and family. If it isn’t suitable then we would try to match you with a dog. If so you can walk it. If you like the dog, all the family need to meet it. Then you can take dog home and Home Visit would done after (this helps you and the Home Visitor to check all is well). I think the system has changed and you can only view the dogs that are suitable for you.

Some people complain that a shelter won’t let them have a dog. This usually means they couldn’t have a dog they wanted as it wasn’t suitable with their lifestyle/family. The times visitors wanted to try out a child-unfriendly dog to see “how it gets on with the children”! Always the father by the way, with a nervous looking mother holding onto her children. Good grief!

Enjoy your visit, you will be doing a wonderful thing.

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