Tips for introducing dog to baby

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kate288 Wed 28-Nov-18 09:57:18

Hi! I have a 16 month old border terrier. He's got a lovely sweet nature and is used to being around kids as I have lots of Nieces and Nephews. However, he is definitely 'my' dog and has become a bit more clingy since I've been in the house more on mat leave.

I'm starting to feel worried about how he will cope with the baby (due today but no sign yet!) I'm probably worrying for nothing but just wondering if anyone has any tips for introducing him to baby successfully or ways of making him feel more at ease during those first few weeks. Thanks 😊

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Nesssie Wed 28-Nov-18 10:19:21

There's a group on FB called 'dog training advice and support' and they have a great file on babies and children. Highly recommend you join the group and read the file.

With dogs and newborns, it mostly about keeping them separate but not making the dog feel pushed out. So baby gates and play pens where the dogs can see/hear/smell you and baby and you can stroke him, but he can't jump all over.

Practice walking the dog and (empty) pram so he gets use to it.

Play baby noises and reassure with treats so he has a positive association.

Give him the worn baby suits to smell.

When bringing the baby home from hospital, mum should greet the dog first as he will be delighted to see her after she's been away, while dad brings in the baby calmly afterwards.

Include, don't exclude - Reward your dog for approaching the baby calmly and gently. Don't shout at him for getting it wrong or for trying to get your attention, gently show him the right way to behave.

Keep your dog busy with interactive toys like a stuffed Kong while you are busy with the baby.

Your dog will still need plenty of exercise and interaction to stop him getting bored and frustrated.

Never, ever leave dog and baby alone together.

bunnygeek Wed 28-Nov-18 10:47:04

Some tips here smile

anniehm Wed 28-Nov-18 11:11:21

When we brought dd1 home we put the car set on the sofa facing out, sat an adult either side and my dad opened the door for the dog to enter - went straight over, sniffed, licked toes and went back to his favourite place, his bed.

With young visitors our current dog does the same thing. Just don't leave them alone together

Nesssie Wed 28-Nov-18 15:06:21

First time you bring the baby home, have dad hold the baby, you enter and say hello to the dog. Then bring the baby in, set on a sofa so that dog can sniff around. Lots of praise for dog, then call away and reward with a chew/bone. Don't make a big deal out of it.

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