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D-dog was PTS last night

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StrawberryFizz26 Wed 28-Nov-18 07:34:49

My miniature Schnauzer Daisy had been poorly for around 3 months and had deteriorated over the past week, I decided it wasn't fair as she was losing her balance & falling so took her to the vet last night.

It was dignified and heart breaking, the vet was wonderful and I know it was the right thing at the right time but my god it hurts.

She was a rescue dog who I adopted nearly 5 years ago & she was my little shadow, side kick & best mate, I really couldn't have asked for a better more devoted dog than Daisy & I feel numb, it's so weird without her falling me around the house & my house is so empty. I even went to fill her water bowl up last night.

RIP my little bird.

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StrawberryFizz26 Wed 28-Nov-18 07:46:20

Following me round the house*

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dalmatianmad Wed 28-Nov-18 07:47:30

So sorry for your loss.

Putting our beloved pets is the kindest thing to so when they are starting to struggle.

Big hugs xxxxx

BiteyShark Wed 28-Nov-18 07:48:50

So sorry flowers

You did the best for her right up to the end flowers

Villanellesproudmum Wed 28-Nov-18 07:49:19

So sorry they really are a family member xx

StrawberryFizz26 Wed 28-Nov-18 08:06:52

Thanks everyone. I can't stop crying.

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CS12345 Wed 28-Nov-18 08:17:05

Oh god, it's horrendous isn't it. I wailed for 3 weeks straight with last dog. Took me 4 years to go to the end of the garden where he's buried. I'm afraid only time will help 😢

broccolicheesebake Wed 28-Nov-18 08:22:08

flowers I'm so sorry xx

Penguinsetpandas Wed 28-Nov-18 21:56:51

So sorry for your loss. At least you gave her and she gave you a happy 5 years .

hamburgers Wed 28-Nov-18 22:18:22

So sorry thanksthanksthanksthanksthanks Sleep well beautiful Daisy ❤️

SleightOfMind Wed 28-Nov-18 22:21:09

Ah, it’s so hard. Take care of yourself as well as you clearly did your Daisy, the first few weeks are really tough but it does start to get better.

Saving her from suffering was the last and greatest kindness you could have given her.

MyNameIsJane Wed 28-Nov-18 22:24:52

So glad you were able to give her years of love and make that difficult decision when the time came for her. Thinking of you. flowers

MuttsNutts Wed 28-Nov-18 22:33:15

I am so very sorry. She looks such a sweet little girl and you really have done the kindest thing for her.

Sleep tight Daisy flowers

mineofuselessinformation Wed 28-Nov-18 22:37:04

I made that decision for my cat and had him put to sleep on Monday evening.
It was heart-breaking and I didn't feel good about it, but I knew it was the right decision.
To be honest, I howled like a wounded animal afterwards. Pets always take a piece of your heart with them when they go.
My deepest sympathies to you. It's a very difficult decision, but if you know it's time, then it is - and absolutely right for your pet. thanks

Littleladybird14 Wed 28-Nov-18 22:53:24

We had to have our lovely border collie PTS on Monday and I feel like i can't cope since as im racked with guilt at essentially ending his life even though he had terminal cancer sad and was starting to suffer. We asked for a home visit so he was in his comfortable surroundings but witnessing it all has just been devastating for me. Im absolutely heartbroken and missing him so much, the house feels empty without him. Dont feel like I'll ever get over this. Ive lost DGP and DBIL and was obviously devastated about them but this feels different and worse and i dont understsnd why sad

Littleladybird14 Wed 28-Nov-18 22:55:27

Sorry my reason for messaging was to share the pain of OP, sending you big hugs and know exactly how you are feeling right now flowers xxx

ChristmasAccountant Wed 28-Nov-18 22:57:53

My deepest sympathies OP. It’s a week today since I had my beautiful boy pts and it still hurts like hell and I find myself subconsciously talking to him all the time. It’s so hard.
Sleep tight Daisy flowers

Honeyroar Thu 29-Nov-18 00:16:47

So sorry OP and Littleladybug. It's the absolute down side of having a dog. At weekend it's a year since we lost our lovely choc lab, and I still miss her like crazy, even though we've three others. It does get less raw, given time. But they're such big parts of our lives and they leave us reeling. You'd have to be pretty cold not to be upset.

StrawberryFizz26 Thu 29-Nov-18 12:50:08

Thanks all & my deepest condolences to everyone who's going and has gone through the same thing.
I wept all the way to work this morning & have managed to distract myself up to now but I know it's going to get me tonight.
I stayed with DP last night but am going home alone tonight and I am dreading it.

I know it was the kindest thing to do but it is still so shit. I'm proud of the time we had together & that she knew absolute unconditional love for the last half of her life.

I've got beds in 3 rooms, poo bags, leads, collars, I even bought her a pram. It's going to be tough to clear it all away but I ordered 45 pics off free prints yesterday and I'm going to make a photo album of her.

flowers to everyone.

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StrawberryFizz26 Thu 29-Nov-18 22:02:25

I wept & wept before I even got in tonight and then I wept some more.

I keep looking around for her and panic for a second wondering where she is then I remember.

I miss you Daisy Dog x

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