Paying vet bills up front

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wheelwarrior Tue 27-Nov-18 22:33:15

My boys is not well and is insured with pet plan but feeling things may rocket tomorrow when take him back

But just read on website that they require payment up front .No way I can find large amount hence insurance. Any advice

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DogInATent Tue 27-Nov-18 22:38:27

Read your policy, if you think the bills are going to shoot up quickly you need to be aware of the pre-approval threshold value.

Pashazade Tue 27-Nov-18 22:39:32

I'm afraid that's just how it works. Assuming that the vets won't claim off the insurance in lieu of you paying. Have you asked them? Can you put any costs on a credit card then clear it when Pet Plan pay your claim. They are fairly swift at paying claims.

BiteyShark Tue 27-Nov-18 22:51:44

You don't have to wait until the end of treatment to put a claim in. If bills are high and it looks like it's going to be a long illness I have paid (my vets ask to pay upfront) and I have submitted a claim straight away and then another one later on.

I must admit I have never asked them what I would need to do if I couldn't afford to pay upfront but there must be a mechanism as I know someone who didn't need to pay upfront but they were dealing with a specialised vet practice.

Afternoonteaandicecream Tue 27-Nov-18 23:14:32

Vet nurse here. Most practice websites will say they require payment up front. That being said if the bill is over a certain amount they may be willing to do a direct claim where the insurance pays the practice directly - especially as you are insured with pet plan as they are known as a good company/pay promptly etc. At the practice I work at if we do a direct claim we normally get you to sign the form at the practice before you leave and get you to sign a form acknowledging that if for whatever reason the insurance doesn't pay you will cover the cost of the treatment. Also as pp has said you can make a claim before the end of the treatment and then put in further continuation claims as you go. You will only pay one excess per condition regardless of how many claim forms you go in. A second excess will be charged if your insurance year renews and you claim again for the same condition. I would have a chat with the vet when you see them tomorrow, explain you are worried about costs, insured with pet plan and would it be possible to do a direct claim. Not all vet practices will do this but lots do so worth speaking to the vet tomorrow.

I hope all goes well with your dog tomorrow thanks

Afternoonteaandicecream Tue 27-Nov-18 23:17:19

Also take your policy details with you tomorrow as if you need to put a claim in the practice will need your policy number etc.

Scattyhattie Tue 27-Nov-18 23:28:44

My vets have been happy to claim direct with petplan & I've just paid the excess to them.

With another insurer have phoned to arrange pre-approval for treatment at specialist referral practices where bills been 1-2k. Petplan has good reputation for paying out but some insurers vets won't deal with & expect you to pay & then claim it back yourself rather than risk debt themselves.


wheelwarrior Wed 28-Nov-18 01:39:00

Thank you. Credit card not an option as my credit rating is lower than floor after getting into serious debt after my marriage failed . (Cleared debt but credit rating not recovered

No family either to borrow from .
No reason for them to refuse claim and if any reason they did not .I pay but would take me few months to clear a large bill .At a push could find £500

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wheelwarrior Wed 28-Nov-18 02:07:05

I have hardly slept with worrying about my boy who is lying next to me and racking brains trying think of ways to find more money (nothing of value to sell as already sold to clear my debts .

Pashazade. I knew when got him 4 years ago anything more than £500 I would struggle hence from start always had insurance.

Am going to be honest with vets in morning if they say be over £500 and insist all up front will phone around other vets too

I would qualify for PDSA but not one in our area and others all seem to only cover certain postcodes for treatment (would drive him where needed

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BiteyShark Wed 28-Nov-18 06:48:36

Try not to worry although that's easy for me to say. Just be honest but do take in your forms because I am sure if they can see that you have insurance they will try and help even if that just means rushing the claim through.

Patchworksack Wed 28-Nov-18 06:53:34

Talk to your vet. My practice would be happy to direct claim from Petplan, they pay promptly. Take your insurance paperwork and offer to pay the excess and then direct claim the rest. The fierce notices on the website are for those people who think it's ok to pay this week, next week, sometime, never. They will be understanding that not everyone can come up with a large amount of money upfront - you've done the responsible thing by insuring against that eventuality. Hope your DDog is ok.

Patchworksack Wed 28-Nov-18 06:54:44

Should have said I am a vet so that's an insider view!

wheelwarrior Wed 28-Nov-18 08:38:19

Thank you all for reassurance seen vet this morning again first in door .D Dog seems like nothing was ever wrong buI t wanted him rechecked and vet needed to see . He has bamboozled the vet but on lead walks and close watching commenced

Vet told me not to worry just pay the excess and worse case if not pay out (no reason not to .He have sorted payment plan
But as under the £500 I paid .He isc worth every penny even though means cutting back to bone for a while and will claim back

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BiteyShark Wed 28-Nov-18 08:43:58

That's good news. Get your claim form in ASAP if you haven't done so already.

Petplan say they try and pay them within 10 working days of being submitted and typically I have found that to happen. Maybe the first claim was a little slower as they asked the vet for all history first.

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