Puppy gone off raw food

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Lau123lau Tue 27-Nov-18 08:02:44

My pup is approaching 6 months and is approx 11kg. He has been having 500g of premixed complete raw food split over three meals a day. Over the last couple of weeks, he is turning his nose up at the food, sometimes leaving it completely and other times coming back and forth, taking a bit at a time.
I’ve tried various brands and flavours to try and entice him but he just isn’t interested. I’ve had a quick google and read some things about over feeding/him just not being hungry.
Could this be the case and does anyone have any advice on how much he should have. I would say he has around 1 hour of exercise a day and is pretty much asleep the rest of the time (typical whippet) with some periods of play/chewing treat etc in between

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MasonJar Tue 27-Nov-18 08:24:26

If he's well and active, normal poos etc you could try feeding twice a day. It won't do him any harm to cut down a bit, maybe to 400g a day, you can always increase it once he's finishing his meals.
Don't leave food down for him to come back to if he doesn't eat it all. His stomach needs a chance to digest his food, then be empty so he's hungry for the next meal.

missbattenburg Tue 27-Nov-18 09:25:07

At about that age Battendog started to get less and less bothered about the 3rd meal so we stopped it. It meant he was hungrier for the other two meals.

Agree with MasonJar - if he hasn't eaten it within 15mins or so then take it away and try again at the next meal time.

adaline Tue 27-Nov-18 11:00:54

We stopped feeding three meals a day at that age for the same reason - he just wasn't interested.

We moved to two and he started eating again - I would imagine he's just not hungry!

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