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Queenofthedrivensnow Mon 26-Nov-18 23:18:02

I know I know I should already have it. The ginger idiot is 3 now I can't wait any longer. It's much cheaper that I thought around £7-10 a month. The m and s one is vets fees up to £4K but £1k per condition. Is this enough? Any recommendations?

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BiteyShark Tue 27-Nov-18 07:41:41

No I would not say that isn't enough

I have a limit of £4000 per year on a life policy with no limit per condition and even that isn't enough but I am stuck with it.

Be aware that anything you have seen your vet for even if it seems nothing and you never claimed may still form a preexisting condition as they ask for all history when you first claim.

Just to give you an idea of costs. Over £2000 for a bout of uncontrollable D&V which required admissions and tests. Over £500 for an endoscopy. Over £1500 for an operation to remove a rag that my dog had eaten.

I know someone with over a £10,000 bill for one condition in one year in a young dog.

I would say don't go for the cheapest insurance, go for the best you can afford.

missbattenburg Tue 27-Nov-18 10:07:52

Would agree with bitey.

You could blow through £1k per condition very easily and, if you do, it's likely to be by quite a bit more which you'd have to stump up for. Something such as diabetes which is lifelong, would end up being funded by yourself because you'd use up the £1k within a relatively short space of time.

You also need to take care on what's excluded, due to it being on his medical records.

As a comparison, Battendog is on for £15,000 per year and lifetime cover for any condition. It costs me £27pm but, for me, the peace of mind that comes with knowing money is unlikely to be a factor if he is injured or unwell is important.

Queenofthedrivensnow Tue 27-Nov-18 10:51:22

Thanks folks that's what I thought. He has no pre existing conditions anyway. I will look at dearer policies

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Jefferis3 Tue 27-Nov-18 11:03:50

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MissShapesMissStakes Tue 27-Nov-18 18:19:58

Batten - that sounds really good. Can I ask which company you’re with please?

missbattenburg Tue 27-Nov-18 18:32:58

Boughtbymany - though worth being aware that I pay the bill then claim the money back. Contrast with petplan who pay the vet directly....


Wolfiefan Tue 27-Nov-18 18:34:22

I’ve just claimed over £800 for an ear infection that we couldn’t clear. shock

BiteyShark Tue 27-Nov-18 18:42:59

missbattenburg I think it still does depend on the vets. I have to pay upfront even though I am with petplan and I know someone else who has to as well. However, it does appear that if you go to a 'specialist' vet they often deal direct but I guess that is because they are used to handling the 'big bills'.

missbattenburg Tue 27-Nov-18 18:44:18

ah - didn't know that, bitey, thanks.

Queenofthedrivensnow Tue 27-Nov-18 20:28:06

I'm still confused. I was going with marks and Spencer's. No good?

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missbattenburg Tue 27-Nov-18 20:39:31

It might be worth looking around. I put the same details in for Battendog and M&S quoted £8pm more than my current provider for significantly lower cover:

£7k per year (I get £15k)
£100 excess (mine is £69)
£2m liability (mine is £3m)
Emergencu boarding £1500 (mine £2k)
Lost/stolen cover £1500 (mine £6k)
Death cover £1500 (mine £6k)

Queenofthedrivensnow Tue 27-Nov-18 21:04:19

Thanks so much I will check out your provider x

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missbattenburg Tue 27-Nov-18 21:11:36

Do take a look at petplan also - they normally get excellent reviews and may be even better...

Queenofthedrivensnow Wed 28-Nov-18 09:55:32

Thank you everyone some homework to do!

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