Bloody Injured Puppy - Help

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glenthebattleostrich Sun 25-Nov-18 21:15:05

Our 19 week old pup broke her knee 12 days ago. She had surgery to repair it 11 days ago and we were told to make her rest, not let her run jump etc. She's a spaniel cross and a puppy. All she wants to do is run, jump and play.

We have been doing our best to keep to the rules, trying to keep her as calm as possible but she insists on jumping up on us and trying to play tug of war. Tonight, when she jumped up she slipped and is limping again. Spoke to the vet and we are back for xrays again in the morning, shes not showing any signs of pain and is absolutely fine apart from the limp. Vet things she has probably hurt her muscle now but wants to check (thankfully any repeat surgery is covered by a guarantee).

Any ideas on how to keep her calm? She was crate trained, and sleeps fine in there when it's bed time or we go out for short periods but is going nuts (jumping and throwing herself about) when we are in the room with her. She will sleep fairly calmly on the sofa with us but if she is on the floor she is going nuts.


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Girlintheframe Mon 26-Nov-18 08:18:35

What about brain games? They are as tiring as physical stimulation. We have a couple of kong type toys that we stuff treats into. Our pup also finds training quite tiring.

Jabbythehutt Mon 26-Nov-18 13:48:40

Frozen kongs are good, licky mats, sometimes I tear an old towel into strips and plait it together with treats tucked in there for my pup to chew on (I wouldn’t do that unsupervised but might keep her calm for when you’re in the room and she needs to be in her crate); just make sure she doesn’t get fat grin
However not showing any signs of pain...fine apart from the limp hmm

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