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Advice on scab

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Handbaghag Sun 25-Nov-18 17:25:23

So: cat scratches dog on back of head, dog gets cut, cut forms scab, dog scratches off scab, bigger open wound, wound forms scab, dog scratches scab etc. I have a buster collar on him which sometimes we take off to give him respite when he's with us. He's then sometimes sneakily scratched the scab. Obviously the answer in 'never take the collar off' but he's managed to get the scab off sometimes when he has the collar on. It's now an open moist wound and I don't know what to do to help it heal. Obviously I can't stick a plaster on as he'll remove that.

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missbattenburg Sun 25-Nov-18 18:30:02

Have you taken him to the vet?

Handbaghag Sun 25-Nov-18 18:37:40

No. Was hoping to manage it myself. It's not infected. I've used antibacterial cream on it.

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missbattenburg Sun 25-Nov-18 18:45:52

I can understand wanting to deal with it at home when it was small but I think, if it were me, the fact that is has failed to heal a few times now would mean I went to the vet with it.

Pixi17 Sat 01-Dec-18 17:59:38

Vets. Could need antibiotics. And possibly anti-inflammatories.

Alternatively, you could try cleaning with hibiscrub and applying sudocrem afterwards.

But definitely worth speaking to the vets.

villainousbroodmare Sat 01-Dec-18 18:02:14

I'd imagine it's infected.

Handbaghag Sun 02-Dec-18 18:51:31

Kept collar on. Healed up ok with no further treatment. Thanks all.

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