Anyone's dog have Luxating Patella?

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adoggymama Thu 22-Nov-18 04:57:02

Our 9month old cocker spaniel puppy has just been referred by our vets to see a specialist for surgery on his 2 hind legs for laxating patella.

They have quoted us at £2.4k per leg (includes survey & initial consult).

Is this a normal price point? I've read some people have got it done for less than 1k per leg or under 2k a leg.

Obviously the vets referred us to the specialist they work with/recommend but our insurance will only cover £3k worth of surgery for one condition.

Has anyone had a spaniel or dog that's been diagnosed with luxated patella and had surgery to correct it with a lower price?

(If so please let us know!)

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OrcinusOrca Thu 22-Nov-18 05:41:48

Is it an annual policy of lifelong? I knew a lady who had a malamute and she had £7k per condition but it was per year. He needed double hip replacements. In the end she got one done at the end of the policy year and the other done a few months later.

My small breed has luxating patella but not severe enough to need surgery, think she is grade 2. Hers pops out but usually pops back in quite quickly. She's 10 and a rescue dog, vet noticed it when I got her aged 5. So apologies as I can't help with the price of surgery. You could ring up other vets and ask for a rough quote most are happy to draft one up.

Bananarama12 Thu 22-Nov-18 06:04:47

Yes ring another vets as they may have one in house that can do the surgery rather than a specialist.

Bananarama12 Thu 22-Nov-18 06:05:09

Whereabouts are you?

adoggymama Thu 22-Nov-18 10:47:32

@OrcinusOrca @Bananarama12 It's a insurance that will pay out £3000 in surgery per condition.

Good news though! We found a vets in Guildford that will do it for £1700 per leg (£3400 total for both surgeries) so we only have to scrape £400 together and they'll get the insurance to pay out the full £3000!

So happy, vet is calling back soon to explain the procedure and book us in.

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Rachelover40 Thu 22-Nov-18 10:51:52

Poor dog! I hope makes a good recovery, not nice.

I know because I had a luxating patella in my right knee (& I'm not a dog), which was operated on when I was thirteen.

OrcinusOrca Thu 22-Nov-18 13:57:04

That's great news @adoggymama hope the surgery goes well.


adoggymama Thu 22-Nov-18 14:11:05

@OrcinusOrca thank you!! Us too smile xxx

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BrokenWing Sat 24-Nov-18 19:09:31

Our 4yr old labrador cost £2.4k for the op on one leg, plus another £1.4k for initial xrays, pain meds during 6 week wait for surgery, follow ups etc. The orthopedic vet at our vet practice said he could operate, and would on a smaller dog, but as we had enough insurance to cover it he recommended going to the specialist hospital to get it done as they used different techniques for larger dogs that had a better long term outcome.

hennipenni Sun 25-Nov-18 16:09:20

I have a cocker who had both his luxating patellas operated on a year ago, all good now but the recovery period and getting fit again is hard work but definitely worth it. Feel free to ask any questions.

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