Chihuahua ate about 4 soft bendy cooked cod bones

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QOD Wed 21-Nov-18 18:30:43

Absolutely not stuck in throat or gullet and she’s happyas Larry. She’d also already eaten quite a bit of cod (spoilt)
Google says super dangerous as so brittle?
Any experience?

(Dh is in the dog house as he carefully picked out 6 bones and put them on the coffee table 🤦🏻‍♀️ So she didn’t get them. Then left them in her reach )

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Nesssie Fri 30-Nov-18 15:01:15

Sorry that no one replied. I assume dog was o.k in the end?

QOD Fri 30-Nov-18 23:13:26

Ah bless you. Yes she was the little whatsit!!

It’s like having a second child 👶 🙄👍🏻

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