12 week old puppy, away for the weekend

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Whattodowithdoggo Tue 20-Nov-18 21:17:01

Hi, we have a wonderful 12 week old puppy. Very sadly my FIL has passed away, we are all devastated. Funeral is 9 hours away in Perth. We can't take the pup as it's such a long drive, we have to stay in a b and b, etc etc. We don't have any family here but could leave her with a friend for 2 nights in her house (she can't stay here as has children). Would this be awful for our pup? Any other ideas? Just don't know what to do. Thanks in advance.

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user1471465525 Tue 20-Nov-18 21:25:07

Yes leave her with friends if it's too short notice for pet sitter.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Tue 20-Nov-18 21:27:48

Friends the best option under these circumstances. So sorry for your loss.

BaaBaaBaaMoo Tue 20-Nov-18 21:28:19

That will be absolutely fine if you friend is happy to have her.

Whattodowithdoggo Tue 20-Nov-18 21:29:32

But will it affect her? Our bond? I'm so stressed. I'm worried this will affect our lovely pup and make her into a fearful dog or something. I know it's probably just the stress of everything making me panic.

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adaline Tue 20-Nov-18 21:33:21

Pups are hardy little things. So long as your pup is in a good environment he'll be absolutely fine and happy as anything to see you when you get home!

I'm sorry for your loss thanks

LEMtheoriginal Tue 20-Nov-18 21:33:52

We had a very sick and very nervous rescue pup from romania in our vets for just over a week. The owners had only had her a short time and were worried she would forget them. Oh bless her little heart she was so thrilled to see them when thwy collected her. She had been extremely poorly - it made me tear up!

So in short, your pup will be fine

Condolences on your loss flowers


missyB1 Tue 20-Nov-18 21:33:59

No if it’s a happy house where she will be fussed over and well cared for then it won’t be a problem. She won’t forget you or be upset with you, she will just be very happy to see you when you get back.

Kezebel Tue 20-Nov-18 21:40:00

Sorry for your loss.

There'll definitely be more experienced posters along with some better advice soon...perhaps leave a few of your well worn clothes so she has your smell with her? I don't know how technology and animals work, but perhaps a few pre-recorded voice messages/videos of you will help?

Also, she will probably love the extra attention the children will give her.

It won't affect your bond. It's one weekend. The fact that you are stressing so much about it shows what a strong bond you have already flowers

Whattodowithdoggo Tue 20-Nov-18 21:53:11

Thanks so much everyone, welling up at the responses and feeling a lot better. I think with the grief and stress I was just overthinking it and had worked myself up to the whole thing would cause our pup long lasting damage to leave her at this age! Thanks so much for all the reassurance.

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billybagpuss Tue 20-Nov-18 21:56:08

We left ours at 12 weeks for a week that we'd already booked pre dog and the property didn't allow dogs. A friend had her and she had a great time. Didn't stop me worrying and almost cancelling our holiday though. She was so happy to see us when we got back.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Wed 21-Nov-18 08:47:34

Oh I'd definitely leave a jumper that smells of you and some of her toys. Encourage friend to have some sort of safe space for her (is she crated?) as puppies and children can exhaust each other.

Honestly, my friend fosters dogs and I have a walker, it will be fine!

BiteyShark Wed 21-Nov-18 08:52:45

My puppy started to go to someone's house for daycare just a week older than yours. You are only going to be gone for a couple of days and it won't affect your bond so please don't worry.

Just arm your friend with toys, blankets and get them to make a safe den for the puppy. Expect a very excited greeting when you return.

MitchellMummy Wed 21-Nov-18 11:10:49

Very sorry for your loss. How about taking pup back to the breeder for the weekend? Familiar surroundings etc.?

Whattodowithdoggo Wed 21-Nov-18 14:58:19

Thanks ever so much everyone. I have asked the breeder but unfortuanely they have a family party and they also live a good 4 hrs drive from us and I'm not sure I can face an 8 hr round trip on top of our 18 hr round trip to Scotland. Thanks again for all the replies.

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