Any tips for a 5 month old that pisses inside please?

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ThisIsGospel Tue 20-Nov-18 14:20:14

Will spend 20 mins in garden on lead then come inside and piss.

Poops outside.

Pees inside. Getting rather fed up with it.

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eggncress Tue 20-Nov-18 14:24:35

Let them off lead in garden so they can go sniff around in their own time.
If they do pee outside give lots of praise or treats and should soon get the idea.

BiteyShark Tue 20-Nov-18 14:26:51

Are you still taking him/her out after each meal, drink, play, sleep and inbetween?

If so a couple of things I would do. The first is when I knew mine should need a pee I would stand outside until it happened (I have stood for over an hour to force the issue) and then praise like mad and add a key word so they start to associate peeing with that word.

The other thing to try is to tether them to you when you come back in if they haven't been so they have to stay close and take straight back out after 5 mins. It also means if they start to pee inside you can swoop them up and run out (yes mid pee) and plonk them outside and praise.

adaline Tue 20-Nov-18 14:34:36

Are you cleaning up accidents properly? You need to use a proper enzyme cleaner else they'll keep going back and doing it again.

Otherwise it just takes time and persistence. Some dogs take up to a year to be toilet trained properly, some get it within weeks. You need to go outside every time - we didn't bother with a lead for ours, just let him go off and sniff and do his thing. As soon as he did it, he got praised and a high-value treat (bits of sausage normally) and taken back inside.

Any time he went inside, he got picked up and placed outside, mid-wee if possible, then praised and treated when he finished the job outside. He was never told off or shouted at for going inside, the accident was just cleaned up as normal.

Another tip I learnt is never, ever let them out of your sight. If you have to leave the room, bring them with you, or crate them. Not only does this stop them getting into mischief but it means you can't miss them having an accident. So it's a bit like this:

7am: puppy is taken outside and pees/poos. Gets treated and praised.
7.30am: puppy wees inside and is spotted by owner. Gets told off.
9am: puppy pees inside but owner is in another room and doesn't notice. No consequences.
11am: Wee and poo outside. Again, praise and a treat.

This repeats all day. If you're not around to see them pee indoors, they won't learn not to do it. I would go back to basics. Take him out every 20-30 minutes, after all meals, after naps, after play sessions and training sessions. Praise and treat every single time he gets it right, ignore when he doesn't. If you can't watch him, he goes in the crate. Always.

Good luck!

ThisIsGospel Tue 20-Nov-18 14:41:47

Yes to outside after meals and crate time. She does her poops but not pee.

I clean up with a pet urine spray.

I can't let her off the lead as she just plays in the mud/leaves and will do this for an hour with no break for toilet.

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adaline Tue 20-Nov-18 14:45:44

If she is happy to play and not toilet, then use that to teach a good recall command. So let her out off-lead (you go with her) and give her the command for the toilet (we use "toilet" or "quickly"). If she's not interested after 5 minutes or so, back inside.

Walk off, call her name, and wait by the back door. When she comes, reward massively and treat. Then back inside and try again in 20 minutes. I've never stood outside for hours waiting for mine to go to the toilet, I give them a few minutes and if they're not interested, back inside and out again shortly after.

I also take them out every time they start sniffing the floor, circling or go towards the door of their own accord.

Wallywobbles Tue 20-Nov-18 15:14:47

Word or phrase association is great. I say do your business and 10 years on still going great.


eggncress Tue 20-Nov-18 17:02:23

Does she pee outside during walks ? If so then go for a wonder with her as they like to pee where other dogs have been.

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