Our border terrier has a movable lump under his leg - does he need a vet?

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TheCommoner Tue 20-Nov-18 12:01:14

He's ten, and showing his age. I'm worried about this lump, so probably ought to see a vet? Anyone got any experience? I'm hoping it might be a swollen gland or similar.

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pigsDOfly Tue 20-Nov-18 13:30:22

Any lump of any kind need a visit to the vet in my opinion. So yes, I'd get it checked out.

My dog's about to have a small warty type thing removed. Everyone's pretty sure it's nothing sinister but it's likely to bleed heavily if knocked so I want it taken off.

TheCommoner Tue 20-Nov-18 17:21:16

Thanks, pigs, our BT has lots of little warts. But this lump is different. I do hope it's just a gland.

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Mumteedum Tue 20-Nov-18 17:22:53

I have a fourteen year old lumpy border. He's fine. If the lump moves it's just a fatty deposit but get it checked for peace of mind

Wolfiefan Tue 20-Nov-18 17:26:29

Oh bless him. Under his leg? You don’t mean stomach area do you? Hernia?
I found a lump on big girl last night. It looks like the other three she has had and diagnosed as hysteocytoma (spelling?).
They are a worry aren’t they?

BiteyShark Tue 20-Nov-18 17:28:50

How big are these lumps. BiteyDog has one on his back which I plan to mention next month when we are due to have his vaccinations but it's tiny and hard just under the surface of the skin but I feel it everything I stroke him. Feels like an insect bite size but doesn't move. Don't want to derail your thread OP but I am trying to understand when people decide a lump is big enough to worry about?

TheCommoner Tue 20-Nov-18 17:33:02

Thanks, Mum, very reassuring. Not really stomach as such. It's about the size of a £2 coin, only curvier. More like a dishwasher tablet under his skin, which you can move around. No pain.

Please do derail, Bitey, let's talk about lumps in general!

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Wolfiefan Tue 20-Nov-18 17:33:19

Oh no Bitey. You and I meet far too often on “What’s up with my dog?” Threads.
For me it’s about how long it’s been there, size and changes too. Is it irritating them or changing in appearance?

Wolfiefan Tue 20-Nov-18 17:33:52

Careful we will be posting pics of our dog lumps in a bit. blush

DeepDarkWoods Tue 20-Nov-18 17:38:50

Probably best to get it checked out. It could be a fatty lump or it could be something that needs removing quickly. Our old boy has fatty lumps inside his legs and has just had a sarcoma removed from the outside of his leg. You can move his fatty lumps a bit.

BiteyShark Tue 20-Nov-18 17:40:34

Thanks TheCommoner it's so hard to decide what's normal or not so was reading your thread to see what others advised.

That's actually interesting Wolfie because if I apply those questions then it has been there for a few months, hasn't changed in size and doesn't bother him unless I look at it when he doesn't like it and gets a bit annoyed. Given those answers I am even more inclined to wait until we are next at the vets at the end of the year but I was just doubting myself for a moment.

Wolfiefan Tue 20-Nov-18 17:42:23

I’m always doubting myself. Her current lump looks just like the others but I can see me panicking and taking her to the vet if it isn’t gone soon. blush
I’m no vet. I would always see someone if I’m worried. I’m so precious about her.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 20-Nov-18 17:47:16

Get it checked. Our dachshund has several fatty lumps. The vet told us before we had them checked that was almost certainly what they were, but that he'd had a dog himself which had a lump he was sure was just a fatty lump but it turned out to be a tumour.

Our dog also has a variety of warts. People still say how lovely he is!grin

BiteyShark Tue 20-Nov-18 17:53:57

I have just had a fun time googling images of warts on dogs in case it was one of those but BiteyDogs is like the OPs where it is under he skin but much much smaller.

Wolfie totally understand you wanting to get it checked out.

Wolfiefan Tue 20-Nov-18 18:20:43

But we haven’t finished claiming on insurance for the last bill. shock

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