Does your dog sleep upstairs with you?

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bbcessex Sun 18-Nov-18 10:06:12

Hi all

Our lab puppy is nearly 10 months old now. He is beautiful, adorable, amazing and we all love him 😃😃

He sleeps downstairs in a crate. He’s happy there, he loves it and often puts himself in it when he’s ready to go to bed.

I’d love him to sleep upstairs with us - either in / on our bed or in a dog bed nearby.

He did this when we were in a holiday cottage and it was lovely.

Am I mad? What are the pros and cons of doing this in everyday life?

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Bennois Sun 18-Nov-18 10:10:06

I used to let my boxer sleep on the end of the bed - it drove my ex mad.
It's personal choice and there is no right or wrong I don't think. The cons were the hair/ dirt on the bed, so frequent changing of covers, the occasional snoring and also if they have a restless night it will wake you up. He used to get on and off the bed and shake his ears 🙄🙄🙄 Dogs obviously don't care to get up quietly!
Anyway, I used to love sleeping with him, despite all this - he was like a huge hot water bottle!

Lucisky Sun 18-Nov-18 10:10:42

Mine sleeps on (or in) the bed, but she is tiny, non moulting and very clean. The trouble with a big dog on the bed is that they will push you out and you end up sleeping at odd angles to accomodate them. Our previous dog was a parson jrt, and it was surprising how much space he could take up if he put his mind to it!

FoxBoxRox Sun 18-Nov-18 10:11:00

Yes. In our room in her crate bed.

I can't let her roam free as she just jumps all over us all night.

LaurieFairyCake Sun 18-Nov-18 10:12:47

Yes, on the bed with her butt on my back. It's the loveliest feeling.

Non shedding, non drooling, non farting, bathed every week though.

BiteyShark Sun 18-Nov-18 10:13:47

My dog used to sleep in the kitchen in his crate. Around the age of 1 we moved him into our bedroom but on his bed on the floor.

The downside has been that he can be restless at night and makes a considerable noise. I hear him moving about when he changes position and he always seems to have a 'preening' session about 4am when I hear him licking himself.

NotUmbongoUnchained Sun 18-Nov-18 10:13:49

No that’s gross.
Ours is an outdoor dog though.


justforareply Sun 18-Nov-18 10:17:42

Yes she's very small tho
My sisters cockers sleep on a dog bed next to her bed
They like being with their pack
Here's my DDog last night

ilovekale Sun 18-Nov-18 10:21:33

Yes on bed w us

EllaDownTheLane Sun 18-Nov-18 10:22:13

No upstairs for us as our house in an old barn, we have six dogs and none sleep in our bedroom. They aren’t shut in anywhere and have the run of the house, they’re all seniors and like to sleep together and all have their favourite spots in the living room and kitchen. They’re happy and I get to keep my bedding white and dog hair free.

ilovekale Sun 18-Nov-18 10:22:49

Usually starts near in the middle of the bed between me and DH and gradually moves towards feet and eventually on the floor next to the bed. He's non shedding. We wouldn't have it any other way

December2018 Sun 18-Nov-18 10:31:22

My big one sleeps on his bed next to my bed, he starts to shuffle and he ends up under the bed with just his balls sticking out 😂... I often step on them when I'm getting out of bed throughout the night he's a mastiff and he's huge so he rarely gets on the bed... mainly because he's too lazy to jump on 😊

And my smaller one sleeps on the bottom of our bed and I wouldn't have it any other way, the snoring, farting and hairs are all so worth it, in fact I think I'll miss that the most when they are no longer with me
I do like to wash/change the bedding every couple of days tho

bbcessex Sun 18-Nov-18 11:08:24

I'm jealous of all of you co-sleepers - how lovely!

Our lab does shed hair.. and my husband is a bad sleeper so not as keen as I am.

I guess my concern is it's not fair on our dog if we try it and DH doesn't like it...

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SureIusedtobetaller Sun 18-Nov-18 11:13:42

Yes. Short hair although there is some hair shedding. Bathed frequently and paws wiped when he comes in. Have to change the covers at least once a week but he’s so happy to be with us. Not sure I’d do it again with another dog though.

GertrudeCB Sun 18-Nov-18 11:13:56

Yes , large lab cross and he has a bed next to our bed. He also cries if we don't go to bed at his bedtime.

Howtodeal Sun 18-Nov-18 11:25:14

One dog, short hair, doesn't moult or smell very much. Sleeps in her bed right by my side of the bed, so we're about 2 feet apart. If it was up to me she'd sleep on the bed but DH won't have it. When we first got her the plan was she'd sleep downstairs, but she was a rescue and scared of being on her own, so after a couple of nights sleeping on the sofa to keep her company, every night her bed moved a little closer to ours as we just found her sleeping on the floor next to our bed anyway. Even the landing in clear sight of both of us wasn't close enough!

I just Hoover and wash her bedding regularly, no smell or mess at all, I'm pretty sure if you took her bed away you'd have no idea she slept in with us. I wouldn't have it any other way now, I love hearing her little snore as she sleeps and I love that she feels secure and happy being in with us. If she wakes up really early she tends to take herself off downstairs anyway unless she needs to go out.

Madbengalmum Sun 18-Nov-18 11:26:49

Yes, she sleeps in her bed on the floor next to our bed

Maddy70 Sun 18-Nov-18 11:27:08

Both of mine sleep on our bed. But it does have some downsides space for one thing but I like it

FingerPrintTree Sun 18-Nov-18 11:30:21

Yes, she has a dog bed next to my side of the bed. When we first got her though we used to have a bed in a crate for her in our room because she would try and get in bed with us all night. She's a big dog so we wanted to get her trained in 'best practice' at night before she reached full size. She now wakes me with a nose in my ear every morning which is actually quite sweet.

neew Sun 18-Nov-18 11:37:54

He's in the crate on the landing (very wide/large) adjacent to ours. We usually keep our door open but close it when we need privacy. Works well as he is a very attached GSD who does occasionally throw up in the night. He's just not the kind of dog who would do well away from his family. Would happily have him out but he's more reactive to sounds outside of the crate.

whiteroseredrose Sun 18-Nov-18 11:46:58

Ddog sleeps in our room (on the bed). Initially he was in an unlocked crate in the kitchen. However when we did a fire drill years ago we realised Ddog would die if we had to climb out of the window. So up he came. So now I'd be last out!

bbcessex Sun 18-Nov-18 11:51:58

whiterose - that's something I hadn't thought about.. might use that as leverage with DH!

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Chardeemacdennis1 Sun 18-Nov-18 11:52:39

Mine sleeps in a basket on the landing but comes into the bed in the morning. He's small and non molting though.

When dh is away he does sleep on dh side of the bed. We couldn't have him in the bed when we're both there as he gets in the way of stretching feet/legs and pins the covers down.

fleshmarketclose Sun 18-Nov-18 11:56:13

No Bella sleeps on her cushion on the sofa downstairs. I'm a terrible insomniac and wake at the slightest noise so would never sleep if I could hear her breathing, snoring or moving. She is happy enough and doesn't go upstairs at all here.

bobstersmum Sun 18-Nov-18 12:01:15

We had our old dog sleep on the bed with us, only because we had an attempted break in and he alerted us to it, I worried after what they might have done to him to silence him if they'd got in, so we kept him upstairs with us for the rest of his days.
Our current dog sleeps in his crate

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