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I miss my dogs like crazy

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NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Sun 18-Nov-18 03:22:59

I'm currently a uni student (mature uni student at 23 almost 24) and living away from home and my gorgeous three dogs at home and I miss them like crazy, and despite being involved in many community things nearby and making friends with none uni students, I have not managed to make one friend with a dog. I've tried joining borrow my doggy and things like that but I really just want to make an adult friend (one that is not 18 like most of the ones I have) to talk to about actual real life things and preferably with a dog that they wouldn't mind me playing with or volunteering to look after/walk for nothing from time to time.

I keep looking for landlords that rent to students but allow pets but I can't find a single one and it sucks. If I could I'd have my dogs with me here now because I looked after them 100% independently before and the only thing that is stopping me is the letting agencies. Now my mum is really attached to them and making jokes about not letting me have them back when I'm done or do find a landlord that will allow it.

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homemadegin Sun 18-Nov-18 03:55:44

Oh that must be tough for you. I recently had six nights in hospital and dh had to bring mine to car park I was so low without them. I did find a therapy dog in hospital which did help.

Not sure re housing unless you try an advert on Facebook local and gumtree looking for pet friendly which someone might see.

Meanwhile, have you tried a rescue centre for doggy contact and walks? Also see if any clubs you could help at like agility, both would give you the people and doggie link. Again, a local advert might work. Ie, student missing dogs looking for one to walk type thing.

Hope you get something sorted.

NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Sun 18-Nov-18 04:27:57

I'm in process of emailing local rescue centers and even some that are a train ride away to see if I can find someway to connect with animals and do something useful. I hadn't thought about looking at facebook or gumtree. I do have an enhanced DBS check so that might help lessen some owners worries. It's just hard. I bought my first dog (with parents permission) when I was 1. I saved for months and since then have done everything for him. He was bought as a puppy with minor brain damage (we knew when we bought him) but no major health concerns and he's always been my shadow and done and gone everywhere with me. When I go home for the weekend or holidays he's glued to my side although this is now lessening slightly because my mum does everything for him now I'm not their. The puppies are very, very attached to me as well still thank goodness but I know this might change and I'm desperate for that not to happen. They do seem to have given my mum a new lease of life and she's less anxious and happier than she has ever been so I feel guilty for wanting to take that away from her.

My sister suggested I find a landlord that accepts dogs and rescue one that will fit my lifestyle at uni better as my dogs can't be left at all. The little ones are too little and my old guy needs extra attention due to his needs. Which makes sense but then I'll be left with the guilt of feeling like I'd replaced them and I don't want that at all. I want the dog's I've raised and loved for almost half my life in the case of my big guy.

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GobKnobbler Sun 18-Nov-18 04:44:20

What part of the country are you in?

tinymeteor Sun 18-Nov-18 04:50:45

Sounds tough as they have been such a big part of your life, but uni is your chance to be carefree for a couple of years. Enjoy the freedom to go out and have fun!

NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Sun 18-Nov-18 05:02:29

I'm in York, @GobKnobbler.

That's what my sisters keep telling me @tinymeteor but dog's have always been part of my life. I have ASD and anxiety, I've always struggled to deal with my own sense of worth and it was really bad before I got my first dog because my dad had just died and having dogs around just remind me that no matter how low I feel or how much I'm struggling or feel like I'm not good enough, they love me and are always happy to see me, and by taking care of them I'm doing something good. I can't hibernate in a self made pit of despair for even a day because the dog needs to be walked, I need to get out of bed to groom and feed them and then once I'm up and dressed and going I can gather the motivation to do whatever else I need to do that day. They're my daily motivation, which probably isn't healthy but it's all I have right now.

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NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Sun 18-Nov-18 05:10:38

This is my big guy. I don't have any pictures of my little ones on my laptop yet.

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neew Sun 18-Nov-18 11:42:43

This was me last year. Whenever I heard dogs being walked in the square in front of my flat it would feel like a dagger to the heart (I kid you not)! It did get easier when the workload picked up towards the end of term. You have my sympathies, not easy being away from their sweet faces flowers

Vallahalagonebutnotforgotten Sun 18-Nov-18 14:40:42

I took my dogs when I went to Uni. I probably had more time for them there than at any other time of my life. I did not have lectures all day and fitted in agility classes as well.grin

Don't give up on the accommodation many places do accept dogs if you ask but they do not advertise it

NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Sun 18-Nov-18 16:39:27

I'm going to keep asking for next year. I can't have them with me now though because of the guys I live with is highly allergic to them. My friends joke that all that it would take for me to be kidnapped would be for them to show me a dog and I'd go willingly grin. They've come to terms with the fact they need to factor in extra time to do anything if we're in town because I will ask to pet every dog I see.

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missbattenburg Sun 18-Nov-18 16:56:01

I took my dog to uni also. I was very lucky in that my best friend's parents bought a house for her to live in and rented out other rooms to her friends. They were dog people so were ok with my dog joining us. As all the girls in the house missed the dogs from home, he was a well fussed dog. We also always had people over and he was a pretty chilled dog so enjoyed meeting all the new people.

We were all on different lecture schedules so there was almost always someone home with him.

He soothed the broken heart of many a slightly-too-drunk student smile

God, now I miss that dog.

thighofrelief Mon 19-Nov-18 19:48:19

OP if i were you i would keep trying re accommodation. There are doggy people who would understand and rent you a room. Especially your older dog! I couldn't survive without mine i wouldn't be able to study. The pups are more adaptable and probably happy enough with your mum. It would be easier to get a rental with just one old dog too.

NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Wed 21-Nov-18 03:19:51

I love my pups (dot and dex) especially my boy dex, chihuahuas, he's a snuggly boy who fits in my pocket and likes to sit under my chin and snuggle. Dot is a bit bigger and bouncier and likes to perch on my shoulder, but its my big guy who I'm pining for. (The pups are with us running and bouncing around my feet) I get up on a morning and big guy and I share a slice of toast and snuggle while I read the news and listen to music or podcast, we go for the morning walk. We come back do what we need to do, my chronic fatigue syndrome means I nap for like an hour around 12ish and he joins me curling against my knees, the puppies go into their crates (I don't like them running riot while I'm asleep they're still too little to be unsupervised. We get up see to the afternoon, have dinner the dogs get another walk and groomed at 6ish we'll nap again and then up for the evening and playtime with dogs.

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Oddsocksandmeatballs Wed 21-Nov-18 03:34:30

Would you consider volunteering for The Cinnamon Trust? They help the elderly and the housebound to keep their dogs by having volunteers that go in and walk them etc.

NameChangeToAvoidBeingFound Wed 21-Nov-18 03:45:54

I’d love to do something like that. I’ll look into it now 😊

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